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The race to reach 90 - Second Edition


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As I really like the concept and as quite some people showed interest to join the old "

Race to reach 90", I decided to create a new one. The concept is basically the same as in the old thread. But for the sake of simplicity I will explain it once again.


Every forumer - even those who have participated in the first edition - is allowed to choose one player, who is rated below 80 (i.e. 79/78/77/...) on SM, of which he (or she) believes that the player will reach 90 as soon as possible (and ideally before every other player).



No more nominations allowed!



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Re: The race to reach 90 - Second Edition

Long shot this one but I'm going for.....

Name : .....Lorenzo Tassi

Position : ..AM©,F(RLC)

Rating : ....75

Age : .......17

Turns 18 in Feb, currently an Inter/Brescia (co ownership) player and a tip for future Italian captain. plays with both feet, from midfield but has real attacking sensibilites - as his forward stints over time have shown at all of the Italian youth levels.

(Although Watt and Barkley still look decent to me)

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