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Richairo Zivkovic


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Date of birth: 05.09.1996

Age: 16

Nationality: Netherlands/Serbia

Position: Striker - Centre Forward

Rating: 4.5/5

He just made his debut for FC Groningen at the age of 16. He got to play the last 7 minutes of the game and was involved quote a bit for such a short period. He had two quality chances to score and made one incredible through pass that almost resulted in a goal. The boy has got talent. He's fairly strong and strides well with the ball. He's quick and mobile; however, he needs to work on his strength a lot.

Manchester City were moments away from signing him (poaching) in November; however, FC Groningen said no way in hell are you stealing this one so they gave him a professional contract. I'm sure this debut game had something to do with a clause in his contract or a motivation booster. Nonetheless, the kid has talent and has been present in Holland's youth teams. He's got loads of potential. Now, time will only tell if his development continues or not. Definitely a must purchase once he is on the database.

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Re: Richairo Zivkovic

Played again today against Ajax. He came on in the 71st and did quite well once again.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch the game but my friend from Holland commented on his skills:

"ince coming on Zivkovic has done IMO better than Teixeira, the Groningen No. 9. He has gotten involved.

He retained possession three times for his side after getting a long ball. He showed one pretty good turn against two Ajax players, and he got into scoring positions twice.

Once he got a through ball and was 1v1 vs Moisander, but he ultimately dragged his shot wide of Vermeer's post, while the other was a cross in the box. He was open, but unfortunately the cross was just a bit over.

Considering the limited service, and the limited intelligence of the Groningen midfielders I must say I will keep an eye on this kid. Definitely showed some quality, but also intelligence to keep the ball.

I lost count how many times the Groningen defenders just pumped the ball up when they had midfield options. They didn't have options all of the time, but they panic too much."

It's a shame that Zivkovic is surrounded by such a poor squad; however, there is no doubt that Holland is the best place for him to develop.

He has often been labelled as the next Robben but he downplayed it in his last interview by saying: "Robben has had an illustrious career at some of the best clubs in the world. I can only hope to have such a career as him."

Seems like a decent lad with a good head on his shoulders.

I think we've got a special talent here.

Hopefully, he chooses Serbia over Holland :D

Considering, both his parents are Serbian and all ;)

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