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Is Beckham moving to U.S. a good thing??


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To me, it's a great thing, and i wish more and more famous players will move to MLS (Major league soccer).

American people have plenty of passion about sports.However, they only go for the best players, the reason why U.S. soccer never receive too much spotlight and attention is that there's not a name loud enough to represent the league, therefore MLS has always been the step child in the U.S. sports industrial.

But things seemed to change a bit lately. For the first time I've seen soccer related news on SportsCenter for over 10 minutes. Beckham's attraction stormed pass the whole United States. Even all the way to East Coast in New York, Becks's posters and gears are all over the store.

Of course the media won't ignore that the Beckham's family coming to America, even though it seems no one really likes Posh, but she still is the center of the attention, somehow americans love stuck-up mean chicks, just look at Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears and Linsey Lohan.

I watched Beckham's debut against Chelsea, all tickets were sold out weeks ago, over 20 camaras were set up in the stadium to boradcast the game from every angle plus one camara locked on Becks the whole time. Many celeberties showed up to watched the game, even beckham only showed up for less than 15 minutes and basically walked around the whole time, everytime he blink still drew people's scream. Soccer never felt so popular here before.

Many other MLS teams saw what beckham did to the industrial and also interested in trying the same thing. LA seems not satisfied with becks alone, they are trying to buy Zidane out of his retirement to play for them. NY Redbulls set their eyes on Ronaldo, Washington DC tried to invite Veron...etc. More teams started to realize that they need a "face" to advertise their team, instead of buying cheap south american young players. I hope soon every MLS team will have players that are well-known thru-out the world. That way, more people's gonna talk about soccer in the US and eventually soccer will become more popular because people will start to see how beautiful this game can actually be played.

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