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United v Barca - WC845

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Re: United v Barca - WC845

Barcelona 1-1 Manchester United

It was the long awaited second match between the two this season, with the earlier match resulting in a 4-1 home win for United. And on Wednesday night, with United ahead of Barcelona in the league, it could've went either way.

On 37 minutes, Barca took the lead through the league's top scorer Samuel Eto'o. His superb control and volley past Van Der Sar gave his side a half time lead.


But on 59 minutes, Cardoso Tiago levelled for the visitors hitting the ball early, leaving Barca keeper Gianluigi Buffon stranded.

So after 28 matches, the league is as follows :-

1. Valencia 56(+22)

2. Manchester United 50(+24)

3. Barcelona 48(+33)

4. Arsenal 48(+18)

It looks like a four-way tie at the moment with Valencia six points ahead at the top, followed by Manchester United who are two ahead of both Barcelona and Arsenal. It looks like it will be a tense final ten turns!

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Re: United v Barca - WC845

Manchester United 5-2 Lyon

(Tevez 17' Silva 36' Giggs 51' Ronaldo 72' 84') - (Keita 32' Toulalan 48')


Boca Juniors 1-2 Barcelona

(Cruz 8') - (Eto'o 43' 46')

But more importantly..

Real Madrid 4-1 Valencia

(Van Nistelrooy 2' Diarra 12' Saviola 60' Robinho 79') - (Vicente 46')

So, how does the table look now? Not too bad actually..

1. Valencia 56pts(+19)

2. Manchester United 53pts(+27)

3. Barcelona 51pts(+34)

With Valencia on poor form, and Barcelona dragging along, ahead of next week..

Benfica - Manchester United

Valencia - Milan

CSKA Moskva - Barcelona

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Guest the plummer

Re: United v Barca - WC845



Boca Juniors

Barcelona got back to winning ways away in south america. The lads seemed jet lagged and never started birghtly going behind early on. Spence had his half time rolicking ready for half time but Sameul Eto saved the day and snatched an equaliser on 42 minutes to save barcelonas blushes. Spence's half time team talk must have worked as straight from center Sameul Eto scored again taking on the whole Boca deffence and eventually chipping the keeper from 14 yards.

The Fans were over the moon along with greig but he knoes there is more to come from his team who play cska moscow in there next game. With Manchester away in Portugal playing and and valencia at home to Milan spence noes this is his chance to close the gap and over take into second and be in the driving seat for first.

Both Ross and the Valencia manager have great teams with great players but i feel my team is far superior in all area's of the pitch. The signing of Luka Modric was a great capture and he wont feature for a while because of his Fitness but will get loaned out.

Final Score - Barcelona 2 - 1 Boca Juniors

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Re: United v Barca - WC845

Benfica 1-3 Manchester United

(Mantorras 1') - (Ronaldo 13' Giggs 22' Essien 66')

While in Moscow, Russia..

Cska Moskva 2-1 Barcelona

(Krasic 79' Ignashevich 85') - (Xavi 23')

And an important game in Spain saw this happen..

Valencia 0-1 Milan

.. - (Klose 51')

So after three fantastic results, how does the table look? Well..

1. Manchester United 56pts(+29)

2. Valencia 56pts(+18)

3. Barcelona 51pts(+33)

So Valencia's poor form sees Manchester United go top for the first time this season with eight games left. Ahead of next week..

Manchester United - Internazionale

Chelsea - Valencia

Barcelona - Lyon

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Re: United v Barca - WC845

Manchester United 3-0 Internazionale

(Giggs '2 Silva '24 Tevez '51) - (..)

So what happened with Greig's Barcelona..

Barcelona 1-2 Lyon

(Eto'o '7) - (Keita '8 Cani '18)

And second in the league Valencia. How did they do..

Chelsea 1-0 Valencia

(Shevchenko '46) - (..)

So as United won, and Barca and Valencia lost again, the table..

1. Manchester United 59pts(+32)

2. Valencia 56pts(+17)

3. Arsenal 54pts(+19)

4. Barcelona 51pts(+32)

So Manchester United take a three point lead, as Greig's Barcelona drop to fourth ahead of Wednesday's fixtures..

Arsenal - Chelsea

Benfica - Barcelona

Valencia - Liverpool

Werder Bremen - Manchester United

United unfortunately have again lost Tevez to injury. The Argentinian striker is out for six weeks, as he has suffered from a re-occurence of his injury.

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Re: United v Barca - WC845

Werder Bremen 3-4 Manchester United

(Frings '18 Wome '54 Zigic '69) - (Ferdinand '26 Tiago '34 Ronaldo '56 '74)

While in Porutgal, here's what happened with Greig's Barcelona..

Benfica 1-3 Barcelona

(Cardozo '66) - (Deco '36 Ronaldinho '43 Eto'o '68)

And league chasers Arsenal and Valencia..

Arsenal 3-3 Chelsea

(Totti '4 Giuly '22 '44) - (Shevchenko '9 '16 Drogba '63)

Valencia 2-2 Liverpool

(Fred '5 Vicente '81) - (Neville '57 Kuijt '68)

So that leaves the league looking like so, with only six games left..

1. Manchester United 62pts(+33)

2. Valencia 57pts(+17)

3. Arsenal 55pts(+19)

4. Barcelona 54pts(+34)

So with Valencia continuing to slump, United go five points ahead in first. Ahead of..

Manchester United - Valencia

Barcelona - Internazionale

Liverpool - Arsenal

And in other news, Manchester United signed teenage prospect Ivan Rakitic who is only nineteen years of age and was snapped up for £5,500,000.

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Re: United v Barca - WC845

Manchester United 2-1 Valencia

(Miccoli '33 Giggs '56) - (Fred '64)

Good win. And Greig's Barcelona..

Barcelona 1-1 Internazionale

(Henry '74) - (Aguero '49)

And also Arsenal were in action..

Liverpool 1-4 Arsenal

(Dyer '39) - (Eduardo '18 '43 Van der Vaart '21 '89)

So with those results, division one looks like this..

1. Manchester United 65pts(+34)

2. Arsenal 58pts(+22)

3. Valencia 57pts(+16)

4. Barcelona 55pts(+34)

So, ahead of next week's fixtures, with only five games left, United open up a seven point lead over the pack, with Barca ten points adrift..

Arsenal - Manchester United

Werder Bremen - Barcelona

Valencia - Boca Juniors

It looks as if either United or Arsenal will take the title, and should United leave the Emirates with three points on Wednesday, they could take the title the week after. Wait and seeeeeee..... :)

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Re: United v Barca - WC845

''The league is all but won..''

..Is what Ross Philp told his players last night as they defeated high-flying Arsenal at the Emirates. First half goals from David Silva(4), Wayne Rooney(16) and Fabrizio Micolli(36) all but sealed the victory. A second half response from Arsenal through Francesco Totti's goal was too little, too late as Manchester United went ten points clear at the top of division one!

Barcelona thumped Werder Bremen 6-1 in Germany thanks to four goals from Thierry Henry and a goal apiece for Pablo Aimar and Samuel Eto'o. And Valencia continued their poor form of late as they were held 3-3 at home to Boca Juniors, despite goals from Villa and Vicente(2).

So as long as Manchester United avoid defeat in their next four games, the title is theirs. And also if either Barcelona, Valencia or Arsenal fail to win all of their matches, the title will be heading to Old Trafford, a welcome achievement from manager Ross Philp.

''We have thoroughly deserved it, and will win the league in front of our own faithful on Saturday with a win against Sevilla. We want to win this league as quick as possible so we can look to next season, to prepare to defend our crown which WILL be ours.

Also, well done to Greig for winning the World Champ Shield with a win over Bayern Munchen. BUT would you rather have the cup or the league Mr. Spence??'' And due to the pre-season agreement, when, and not if United finish above Barca in the league, Philp will get his hands on any United player at the chairman's value from the Catalan Giants. ''Buffon, Terry, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Ronaldinho, Eto'o, Messi or Henry?? Oh, its such a hard choice. I'm spoiled really :):):):)''


Manchester United

Division 1 Champions

Season One; WC845

United are also looking to extend their current unbeaten run from thirteen until the end of the season, and are confident of doing so as they face Sevilla and Bayern at home, and travel to Porto and PSV. They have also won their last six matches which is a club record this season, and will look to extend this feat, as they lift the league trophy!

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Re: United v Barca - WC845

Hi im the chelsea manager , it been a pretty average season , but with 4 games left there chance to move up the league , im 14th and spence is 2nd and between all them places is a 8 point difference so there plenty to play for :D . I signed some brilliant players but the season had faile dto live up to the expectations .


Chelsea struggling to find form


dissapointing season for chelsea and the fans , start a fresh again next season

I would like to say Fair play to ross the man utd who deserves the tittle who has albut win it and greig spence who has mad a brilliant team and a had a good season ......:DB)

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Re: United v Barca - WC845



Manchester United tonight claimed the division one title, with a 3-0 win at home to Spanish side Sevilla. Ryan Giggs scored the opener after 18 minutes, and a double from Fabrizio Miccoli sealed the win and the title.

Arsenal and Valencia both lost, and although Greig's Barcelona won tonight, the ten point gap between both Barca and United is too large with only three games left. A much deserved title win for Philp and his boys, and look forward to the end of season review soon.................


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Re: United v Barca - WC845


Manchester United Review



With a poor start to the season, it took the third match for United to get the first win of the season against Real. But in the first six matches, they lost six of those losing to Roma, Sao Paolo, Milan, Chelsea and Liverpool. A poor start by Barcelona, sworn rivals of Philp and United, saw them sit mid-table.

United then won four league matches in a row, defeating CSKA, Boca Juniors and Lyon also thumping enemy Barcelona 4-1. United made up some ground on Barca, but still played catch up, also prevailing through the early round of the World Championship Cup and Shield.

A league loss to Benfica saw United slip up, as they also went out of both cup competitions at round three. An eight match unbeaten run saw them beat Inter, Werder, Arsenal, Sevilla, PSV and Porto - drawing against Valencia and Bayern Munchen. United still sat behind Barca in the league, with Valencia flying away in the league.

Losses again to Roma and Sao Paolo saw United slip further behind Barcelona, as Valencia threatened to run away with the league title. But United went on a fourteen match unbeaten run with eleven of those matches resulting in three points - including wins over title rivals Valencia and Arsenal and a draw with Barca.

The last match of that unbeaten run saw United clinch the title with a home win against Spaniards Sevilla. A weakened side was fielded in the next three matches as the ten point lead United had opened, could not be closed. With losses against PSV and Bayern, the second side showed hope with a last day win at Porto. Even with these two losses, United still won the league by a twelve point margin, due to the continuation of the poor form from early title contenders Arsenal, Valencia and Barcelona.


After a fantastic season, Wayne Rooney was awarded the SMFA player of the year in season one. This came as a result of thirteen goals, ten assists and nine man of the match awards in 28 games missing ten games through injury - also adding to a league average performance of 8.36;


The defender of the year for United, not the league was Rio Ferdinand who in 34 matches, averaged a performance of 7.21 scoring two goals from defence;

Marginally ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs was awarded Manchester United's midfielder of the year as he scored thirteen times in 31 games, averaging 7.81;

United's top goalscorer Cristiano Ronaldo was given the club's golden boot scoring 16 times in his 35 league appearances. Both Rooney and Giggs followed on 13, with Tevez after them on 11.

United had to deal with six weeks throughout the season without strikers Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney, along with Owen Hargreaves. All three players meant a place in the team for new signing Fabrizio Miccoli who played his part with four goals in ten; Morten Gamst Pedersen also filled in well with two goals from midfield.


The new season is eagerly anticipate by the Old Trafford faithful as they look to see some of the transfer movement they spectated in season one as Michael Essien, Cardoso Tiago, and David Silva were the big names joining United.

Pre-season, it was agreed that whoever should finish highest, between United and Barca, they would have the choice of one of the opposing team's players for the chairman value. Greig has however, opted out, and can't take the fact that United are better, have a better manager, and won the league!



Scores: Manchester United 4-1 Barcelona; Barcelona 1-1 Manchester United

Aggregate scoreline: Manchester United 5-2 Barcelona

League titles: Manchester United 1-0 Barcelona

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