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Blocked Deal

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I dunno if anyone posted on this before, but my search button is screwed..

Anyways. The Blocked Deal by SMFA is starting to make me angry, because I recently concluded a transfer saga for Totti with the Inter manager..

So, Inter offered 30m and Cambiasso (9.1m) for Totti (8.4m). I it, but it got blocked. I had to settle for 20m and Cambiasso..accepted

I went to check the explanation, which was that to look at other deals that were allowed and refer to that as a guideline. Inter had bought Steven Gerrard (11.5m) recently from Pool for 48m, Patrick Vieira (6.9m) and Luis Figo (1.8m), which is almost 5 times the value. So why did my deal get cancelled?

The basis of this function is to stop cheats from abusing transfers. So, IMO, shouldn't any transfer between these two 'cheating' managers be banned, and not just a seemingly fairer transfer? <- (I know it isn't too clear, but I don't know how to phrase it)

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