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Help i cant win at all...


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This is my Tottenham side i cant win any games I only have 8.2M left and i have put my postion in the tables (rock bottom).

What formation would u do and which players?

Info Nat Player Pos Age Rt Con Morale Val

- GOMES, Heurelho G 26 91 100 Superb £7.7M

Int CARSON, Scott G 21 88 100 Good £6.6M

- DE LUCIA, Alfonso G 23 85 100 Average £4.4M

TrL FULOP, Marton G 24 80 100 Terrible £1.9M

- ASSOU-EKOTTO, Benoit LB 23 87 94 Terrible £5.6M

- JUAN, Maldondo LB/LM 25 85 100 Adequate £4.1M

- ANDRE, Lima LB 22 82 100 Poor £2.9M

- CHIMBONDA, Pascal RB 28 88 94 Adequate £4.9M

- STALTERI, Paul RB 29 87 100 Terrible £4.1M

- WILSON, Mark RB/LB 23 86 100 Terrible £5.0M

LnL IFIL, Philip RB 20 76 100 Terrible £787k

- Cahil, Gary CB 21 86 100 Okay £5.3M

- RODRIGUEZ, Gonzalo CB/RB 23 90 89 Okay £7.7M

- DAVENPORT Calum CB 24 84 100 Okay £3.7M

- FAZIO, Federico CB 20 76 100 Okay £787k

- SUAREZ, Jeffrén LM 19 75 100 Okay £563k

- GHALY, Hossam RM/CM 25 87 90 Terrible £5.3M

- ROUTLEDGE, Wayne RM 22 86 93 Terrible £5.1M

Int MALBRANQUE, Steed CM/AM 27 90 89 Terrible £6.5M

Int JENAS, Jermaine CM/RM 24 90 100 Poor £7.4M

Int SIDWELL, Steve CM 24 87 100 Okay £5.4M

Int ZOKORA, Didier DM/CM 26 91 87 V.Poor £7.7M

Int MOTTA, Thiago DM 24 88 91 Good £6.1M

Int ROONEY, Wayne F 21 96 90 Excellent £13.4M

Int KEANE, Robbie F 27 92 94 Adequate £7.8M

LnL PEKHART, Tomas F 18 74 100 Poor £370k

- Adu, Freddy AM/F 18 81 100 Average £2.7M

- MIDO, Ahmed Hossam CF 24 88 100 Terrible £6.1M

- ALIADIERE, Jeremy CF 24 84 100 Average £3.7M

- EL HAMDAOUI, Mounir CF 23 83 100 Terrible £3.3M

LnL BARNARD, Lee CF 23 76 94 Terrible £722k

TrL ECHANOMI, Efe CF 20 68 100 Terrible £35k

Now for the tables

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts

15 Deportivo La Coruña 24 5 7 12 27 36 -9 22

16 West Ham United 24 5 7 12 30 53 -23 22

17 Boca Juniors 24 5 4 15 25 42 -17 19

18 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 24 3 3 18 36 75 -39 12

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Re: Help i cant win at all...

ok will it sort out the best players?

it will give the strongest line up

i would give you a line-up myself but im busy & dont have the time

i would look over the line up after

how many points are you away from the 16th place ?

amd how many turns is there left in the season ?

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Re: Help i cant win at all...

im 10 points away from 16th and there are 10 turns left

thats going to be quite difficult

right if 4-1-2-1-2 doesnt work then

use 4-2-2-2 with auto sort

these formations (4-1-2-1-2 & 4-2-2-2) are attacking formations and are used to score goals

if the problem is that you cant score goals thus cant win

then these formations should help

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Re: Help i cant win at all...

I struggled with FC Porto for the whole of my 1st season, and got relegated. All my other teams did ok, but for some reason I could not get a win for toffee. Got a decent squad, but I sometimes think it doesn't make a difference who you play and what formation. I finally got a win in the 2nd division in my 3rd game albeit only 2-1, so im anticipating another struggle!

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Guest lil wayne

Re: Help i cant win at all...

ok try 3-4-1-2

that works well for me i won with that 2 season with barcelona in a row no playing ma 3rd season currenlty 7th and 27 matches to go btw use plymaker and targetmen and aswell tight marking with hard tackling and attacking football in home and away and use for away asell oer attack

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Re: Help i cant win at all...

Too many badly rated defenders! Sell some of them or exchange for better ones. You have great attack, midfield is so-so not bad but could be better although you need backup players there, but defense is your weakest spot. And without good defense results will always be 3-2 which shows you can score some goals but your opponents are allowed to score even more.



-----------Rodriguez----New CB-------New CB-----




*This position is not covered by the available players. you need one LM/W. But Am's can cover this position well sou you can play Malbranque there and Someone else on AM position.

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Re: Help i cant win at all...

For the time being , until you get a set of new CB maybe you can try 3-5-2


Chimbonda - Rodriguez - Assou Ekotto


Jenas - Zokora - Sidwell - Malbranque

Rooney - Keane ©

Play defensive / very defensively

Counter attacking

Man marking

In the mean time get yourselves a set of CB preferably 2 89 and above

Get yourself 2 LM / W 89 and above

The extra one if for backup in case something happens to either one of them. Good luck

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Re: Help i cant win at all...

4-3-3 or 4-3-1-2








Subs: WILSON, Mark / DAVENPORT Calum / Zokora / Adu, Freddy / Mido

The reason I've put up this formation is that you don't have too many games left so while u are out there trying to buy new players u need to have a formation that'll keep u going, player morale is very important in a game, try trade some of players with low morales out. even though player's morale can go up as ur team do better but since it's late in the season, don't bet on it too much.

With this formation, make sure your play style is "Direct", use Roony as the playmaker, Keane(or mido)as the target man. Jennas will take the freekicks and rooney will take the corners, give keane the penalty. You want to use more players with better morale than low morale players, it's ok to have one or two players will low morale, but not too many on the starting line-up.

At this stage of the season, there's no need to hold back and you really need to rely on your offense, play V.offensive or Offensive, Rooney is your key player, so play him 75 mins a game, if the team is winning, switch him off,you don't want to wear him off too much. Play Center attack, you don't have good wingers.

well, that's about it, try it!

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Re: Help i cant win at all...

u can sell Ghaly or Routledge, one of them. or instead of selling, u can try to trade them to other clubs to get similar skill level players, sometimes thats faster and easier to acquire players for urself. make some offers and send some private messeges to other managers, see what's on their minds. good luck.

P.s. with the money u have right now, try buy a defender, or midfielder, preferably those players who can handle more than 1 positions, this way u will have more options on using them.

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