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de gea or courtios

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Re: de gea or courtios

whos better and will get a higher rating in future

I'm edging towards Courtois who would be in for a +1 or even a +2 in the next review. He's been impressive for Atletico Madrid this season and is currently the Belgium No. 1 goalkeeper and is seen as a successor of Cech. I believe he'll eventually outclass De Gea whose still shaky in Man Utd.

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Re: de gea or courtios

I'd go for Courtois' date=' but De Gea is still a decent prospect. I really don't understand why people blame him all the time when it's obvious the main problem is United's defence. :confused:[/quote']

He makes too many mistakes, decisions he makes are very erratic. He is no where near strong enough to be a top keeper in the EPL and definately not comanding enough to be in goal for Utd.

Granted he has shot stopping ability and shows top class reflexes but it is not enough to be considered a top goalkeeper in the EPL. Compare him to Joe Hart for example, would you say that De Gea should be less than 2 points away from Hart? I wouldn't.

From his current form i would say that De Gea is lucky to be at 90, not that i think he should drop in the next ratings but that i think he should show a huge improvement and greater consistency to keep his 90 rating.

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