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preferred formations(with player attributes)

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Preferred Formations

for months now i have been playing(as a gold member) and one thing that has annoyed me, is other managers preordering rich clubs with expensive players and then just offloading them soon as the gameworld starts to hoard the highest rated players. i see people often going straight in for messi and cr7 straight off the bat when they are man city and already have the likes of tevez, aguero and dzeko in the team which seriously messes up the balance of gameworlds and makes things so noncompetitive.

i also suggest this because managers hoard players they will never ever use, like i usually end up with a poorer side and when i bid on a player(usually a young player between 85-88) to help me be more competitive, you have rich teams with a 90+ starting 11 and a 90+ bench with a few 90+ reserves and they will just throw 10m at the player that they will never use and i lose a player. if players had preferred formations, then if played in a formation that totally doesnt suit them, then they play badly and results in that team playing badly so managers would be forced to pick up a style of play and carefully pick players.

Player Attributes.

this would be a method of catagorising players to be more suited to a squad for example;

i have a 4-5-1 squad and i want to play a defensive or holding style of play, i would want a couple of players with the strong attribute so i know they can win balls and clear them like Y.Toure or D.Luiz, this means a team would lay deep and rely on counter attacks.

if i wanted an attacking style of play i would pick fast players like D.Silva or Bale for the wings or Sneijder if i wanted to make runs through the middle, this makes squad selection a lot better as i wouldnt have a player like Hernandez dropping back to defend but i certainly would have Rooney doing that.

another thing is if players actually turned down offers or even hand in transfer requests(and it not solely relying of the clubs chairmen where players go) for example; if you wanted zlatan ibrahimovic and had the roster like Real Madrid's, either he refuses to join because he doesnt want to be a bench warmer or Higuain or Benzema wants to leave because they see their future at the club being very boring.

this again would make managers think more carefully about the players they buy rather than looking at the players position and rating, this would turn SM into a tactical based game like it should be.

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