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Robin Van Persie

SM Legend

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Surely it's time he rose to 95 if not 96?

I'd put him on par with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, if not more prolific in an argubaly tougher league.

Van Persie has 31 goals in 71 Netherlands appearances.

Ibrahimovic has 39 in 85 Swedish appearances.

Neither are likely to do anything special in terms of winning things with their national sides but clearly demonstrate they can score.

Club wise -

RVP - 381 career appearances and 174 goals =averages a goal every 2.1 games.

ZI - 512 career appearances and 254 goals = averages a goal every 2 games.

Add the fact that Van Persie has only been a centre forward since 2007/2008 really whilst ZI has been up front since 1999!!!!

RVP is demonstrating he's a big game player on the club front and yes he probably lets himself down with holland but so does the whole team, Ibrahimovic is the main man for Sweden so everything goes through him so he will have more opportunity to look much better as with all due respect the players around him are weaker than those around van Persie at holland.

RVP is head and shoulders better than the likes of Robben, Rooney, Fabregas, Higuain, Eto'o and David Villa who are all rated the same if not higher at 95.

What do you think? RVP 94-96?

For me it should look something like this..

99 - Messi

98 - Ronaldo

96 - Ibrahimovic/ Van Persie

95 - Falcao / Aguero

94 - Benzema / Gomez / Cavani / Rooney

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Re: Robin Van Persie

95 is definately guarenteed.....hes probably up there with the best in the world and outperforming higuain and benzema

94-->95 100%

94-->96 1%

-->96 maybe next year

And falcao will go to 95 once he moves to a real big club or even might get it with Atletico if the keep their current form up and perform good in champions league next year

92-->93 10000000%

92-->94 95%

-->95 and above, End of Next Season

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