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Fantasy All time draft


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i saw this on another forum and thought it was a good idea.

Eligibility: All players are available for drafting. For the purpose of this competition, these players are considered at the level when they were in their prime. Each manager gets to pick 13 players to form a squad.

Nationality constraint: No side can field more than one player from each nation (i.e. no Xavi AND Iniesta, although one could be a sub). Before this gets us into a right mess, let's establish the following:

A Nation is defined as one that has or has had a national team participating in FIFA competitions (e.g. no Catalunya).

If a player has played for two NTs, the NT of birth applies (e.g. Di Stefano is Argentinian).

If a player played for a multi-nation NT (e.g. Yugoslavia), their NT is defined as that of their city of birth. This is so that there is a greater pool of nations to pick from. No debate on ethnicity or heritage will be entertained. It's a football draft, not a politics debate.

Competition format: 16 teams, straight knockouts from the off.

Drafting sequence: in the order the teams


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