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Scottish game world 2012- discussion thread

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Re: Scottish game world 2012- discussion thread

Queen Of The South have appointed Dylan Wilkinson as the clubs new manager during an interview he said

"I am proud to be part of such a strong glasgow side with so much potential. Even though the squad will need a touch up from the last manager making silly mistakes with his budget and buying players we dont need i think this squad could be turned around."

When asked for his goals for Queen Of The South this season he replied.

"Well its a bit late in the season to really for anything so far but with sitting 2nd from bottom at this point in division 2 i would like to avoid relegation this season. Next season i have some young hot prospects eyed up for transfer and a lot of good players who will tighten up the squad so you never know i might even gain a promotion."

Wilkinson will play his first game in charge of queen of the south tomorrow in a match with Dundee so we will see his squad picks tomorrow.

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Re: Scottish game world 2012- discussion thread

Queen Of The South manager confirms his first signing for the club today a young lad from Dundee United Vladimir Weiss at a deal of 9 million the minimum amount that was allowed on the player.

"This signing will be one of the few that i have my eyes on already to strengthen my squad to make it into the first division."

This deal will be finalized during the next 24 hours after Vladimir gets his contract sorted and has his medical.

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Re: Scottish game world 2012- discussion thread

Hi guys, if your looking for a competitive Scottish league, look no further than Gold World 303, as of this minute only ONE team is available (Aye Utd) That's right, 39 of the 40 Scottish teams are managed and we are in season 2, the Ayr manager just left today! check it out or even check out our blog at (303scotland.blogspot)

Good luck to you both and hope to see you join soon.

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