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Re: Neven Subotic

So Subotic didn't get a rise after the Bundesliga schedule...

I dont actually manage to watch the Bundesliga matches and dont have any idea on how good Subotic is.Is he worthy of buying for my ManUtd team?How far can he go?How good is he playing this season?


Many people, including myself, were expecting a rise for Subotic during the recent review. Definitely get him if you can. He will be useful in any team.

As a centre-back, he is considered young at 24. He has a long and promising career still ahead of him. Indeed, he has had some shaky performances this season but you will expect that from any young player.

He isn't scathing like Pepe or Vidic but more of silky and good on the ball. He has shown his ability to play at the highest levels, no doubt. He will definitely rise above his current rating very soon.

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