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What to do with sm credits


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Re: What to do with sm credits

sorry for posting irrelevant content in this thread' date=' but should i spend 5000 SM Credits on 5 extra club slots or a pre-owned custom game world or reserve a club????

and what happens if my SM Credits balence goes to 0?



Ok so, If you bought the SM Credits you ca buy certain upgrades like club slots and other options you listed. If you SM balance goes to 0, you will gain SM credits for logging in and for unlocking achievements, but there is a maximum cap you can reach.

An other option is to donate your SM credits, however I believe this is restricted to SM credits you actually buy and not earned.

Hope I have been of help.

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Re: What to do with sm credits

Nothing.. Let's say someone has 1000 credits(max.) and he cannot donate for more. What can those 1000 credits do?

You can use them for scouting, yes that's right scouting. Heaven forbid you might try and be rewarded for playing the game over a period of time and put them credits towards a 1 month gold membership or something. I would of thought letting people sample the gold feature would only be a positive move for SM as people would see the benefits it has to offer and maybe decide if they want to buy into it or not. Instead the powers that be think you should use them on pointless features and then cough up your money for a gold membership without trying it first.

I remember in Dec 2011 paying £9 for 24 months gold membership, I doubt i'll ever see them prices again

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