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Reserved Club Issue

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So, a week or so ago i reserved a Real Madrid in a Gold Setup and then I reserved a Chelsea after. This meant in one GC I would have Madrid and the one after I would get Chelsea.

Before the creation of GC280 I was number 2 in the queue with the Real Madrid and number 3 for Chelsea. Therefore, once GC280 was created today I should have been next for the Madrid and 2nd in line for a Chelsea. However, SM have royally annoyed me.

1. I am still number 2 in the queue for Madrid when I should be next.

2. I am now number 2 in the queue for Chelsea.

This evidently poses a concern and a problem.

Concern - why am I not next for Madrid, I tried to time it perfectly so I would be online for Madrid as I have Monday off work, it's likely creation date.

I should be next and I am not and would like to know why, being a paying customer and all...

Problem - I am going to have both Chelsea and Madrid in GC282 instead of Madrid in 281 and Chelsea in 282. This last time I checked SM weren't too keen on having two teams in the same game world.

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