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My Shakhtar - How to win?

Meel Paloja

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I've got Shakhtar in a GW, and I have the best squad in the Russian League but cant win games.

My squad looks like this:

T. Courtois - GK

A. Pyatov - GK

L. Baines - LB

A. Barzagli - CB

M. Benatia - CB

T. Alderwielerd - CB

D. Srna - RB

T. Janschke - RB

L. Fernandinho - DM

M. Bodmer - DM

S. Inan - CM

I. Gundogan - CM

G. Xhaka - CM/DM

G. Bale - WING

C. Dempsey - WING/AM

S. Kagawa - WING/AM

B. Willian - WING/AM

A. Traore - WING/AM

H. Mikhtaryan AM

M. Suarez - WING/FWD

R. Firmino - WING/FWD

M. Harnik - AM/FWD

P. Osvaldo CF

D. Ba CF

J. Martinez CF

E. Cavani CF

These are my first squad players.

At moment I'm Playing 4-5-1 defensive with this first 11

Courtois, Srna, Barzagli, Benatia, Baines, Fernandinho, Dempsey, Kagawa, Bale, Willian, Cavani. With 2 wings running forward.

Tactics: Tackling Style: HARD, Mentality: NORMAL, Passing Style: MIXED, Attacking Style: MIXED, Tempo: FAST, Pressing: OWN HALF

Counter Attack Y, Tight Marking N, Use Playmaker N, Men Behind Ball N, Play Offside Trap Y, Use Target Man Y.

Capitain: SRNA

Penalty Taker: BALE

Free Kicks: BALE

Corner Taker: WILLIAN

Playmaker: DEMPSEY

Target Man: BALE

Thats it, if someone can help me with any changes from my squad I would be very grateful.

Million of thanks.

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Re: My Shakhtar - How to win?

I would change the formation. You have more quality on the wings and forward. If you have the best team in your GW, being defensive isn't going to help, because you have a higher chance of winning anyway. Defensive mentality is for facing stronger teams when you don't have a big chance of winning.

But if you'd like to try 4-5-1 Defense, the right tactics are:

Tacking style: Hard

Passing style: Long Ball

Tempo: Slow

Mentality: Defensive

Attacking style: Mixed

Pressing: Own Half

- Counter attack, Tight Marking, Use Target Man

I got this from this site: http://www.soccermanagertips.com/4-5-1defensive.html

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Re: My Shakhtar - How to win?

Instead of a 4-5-1 Defensive, try a 4-3-3 Wingers, with Bale and Willian in a deeper role instead of adding those running arrows.

You do have a solid team, I just think you're choosing the wrong formation. 4-5-1 Defensive would only be an option as an in-game tactic in a winning situation.

As your three midfield players (in a small triangle), I'd choose Xhaka over Dempsey and G√ľndogan over Fernandinho, to give your squad that youthful touch. Anyways good luck! Hope it works out.

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