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Loan players rating limit

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I would like to know why it is impossible to loan out or bring in on loan, a player that has a rating over 87. In one of our custom worlds a manager wants to loan out Aaron Ramsey as he has a few players rated 89 or 90 in Ramsey's position. Now, because Ramsey is rated 88 his chairman won't allow it. Why is this rule in place when it is clear that the club would not need Ramsey in the immediate future? I think this rule needs updating or changed completely.

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Re: Loan players rating limit

The loan system is very problematic in general, as it stands now. Two things that should be fixed immediately and i don't think that it's so difficult to do, are:

1) The chairman allows you to put in the loan list certain players, but then refuses to accept the loan bid and let you loan them out!

- We should be able to put in the loan list only the players that are actually allowed to be loaned out!

2) The unamanaged teams now loan in players totally randomly, without any logic. It's (like other things in SM...) totally random! We see now unmanaged teams with average squad ratings of 88/89+, loaning in players rated 70, 75 or 80! It's beyond ridiculous and it shows that the unmanaged teams just make random loan in bids for the players in the loan list of the gameworld.

- They should make a rule that the unmanaged clubs don't make loan in bids for players that are rated 2/3 points under the unmanaged squad's average rating. This way, at least the player would be useful to the unmanaged team. It's just a simple order to put in the program of their software, i don't think it's that difficult.

These 2 things make the loan system look ridiculous and like it was implemented without much thought and preparation. It's very easy to fix them and it would highly improve the loan system.

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Re: Loan players rating limit

There seems to be no AI loans in the recent weeks?

If this has been disallowed altogether, I'd like to suggest that for custom leagues, owners have a choice of allowing or disallowing AI loans.

AI loans should be available to players who are loan listed by their clubs and have not played a competitive game for at least one month. Players may still get disgruntled at getting loan out too often if the concerns option is selected.

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