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Where in the football world?

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Re: Where in the football world?

The city is Sao Paulo' date=' the man is a radnom man, and the chest is a chest =D

And where's Paul?! I wanna play this thing again :)[/quote']

I be here, Yuri, I lost my internet the minute after I posted... oh god... I'll pass it to a random person. That random person will be... Shels

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Re: Where in the football world?

No' date=' but I do think that you don't have a clue what the rep system is for...[/quote']

:mad: Yes i am & its for whatever i want it to be for its not a nuclear examination the rep thing..;)

Ya its Wednesday Danny

The rep point is still up for grabs.. if SM forum mods want to take that rep of someone thats there business

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