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With Gold Championship 300 fast approaching, I thought it might be good to see if we could get enough interest to have predominantly forumer filled GC.

Whether we all try and get it in the same league or we just take any team, it would be nice to have a GC with a very active forum thread.

If we can muster up 80 managers for an EC surely we can get a good turnout for this....No?

anyway, if you would like the chance to make the first seriously competitive GC since the number of GC's were in double figures, then state your interest.

Brazil Serie A

Corinthians - DOUGIE HOUSE

Atletico Miniero - MUTD


WBA - LethalYid

Stoke - gjdemon

Everton - Benjo_Benjo


Crystal Palace - IOA

Middlesbrough - Elohim

Notts Forest - Machine


Telford Utd - Gorbash

Gateshead - Jkerrs


Lille - Hdixit


Hannover 96 - TheDuffman

SC Freiburg - drseanfitz

VfB Stuttgart - Can Argon

Wolfsburg - Mental Mackam

Nurenburg - AdamEFC

German 2.bundesliga

Eintracht Braunschweig - Gozzy

Kaiserslautern - Noisy

1860. Munich - garymack

St Pauli - Jose Nowinho

German Liga 3

VFL Osnabruck - Ozzy

FC Saarbrucken - Loredan

Stuttgart Kickers - Racky

Serie A

Milan - Stormbringer

Primera Liga

Rayo Vallecano - ashtini

Celta Vigo - HannahB

Osasuna - Legendary Lemon

Primera Liga

Porto - Fez17_1888

Sporting CP - SirJockStein

Turkey Div 1

Besiktas JK - Garryc300

Fenerbahce sk - Anri

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Re: Gold Championship 300 BERLIN CAPTURES YTTEGARD JENSEN SEVILLE, Andalusia - After yesterday's signing of midfield wizard Juliano Spadacio, Union Berlin went out to find a complement for him the

Re: Gold Championship 300 Rubin Kazan Yann M'Vila and Cristian Ansaldi leave Kazan to join Spurs and heading in the opposite direction to Kazan are England International Scott Parker, Frenchman Youn

Re: Gold Championship 300 Four signings to boost Berlin attack VANCOUVER - New Union Berlin manager insider stepped off the plane to some good news on Friday morning. A few of the deals he had

Re: Gold Championship 300




With Gold Championship 300 fast approaching' date=' I thought it might be good to see if we could get enough interest to have predominantly forumer filled GC.

Whether we all try and get it in the same league or we just take any team, it would be nice to have a GC with a very active forum thread.

If we can muster up 80 managers for an EC surely we can get a good turnout for this....No?

anyway, if you would like the chance to make the first seriously competitive GC since the number of GC's were in double figures, then state your interest.



Dan James






which league u tryna get a team in matey?.. dependant on zone ill gladly tag along wi ya n gi ya abit of competition :) ..

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Re: Gold Championship 300

which league u tryna get a team in matey?.. dependant on zone ill gladly tag along wi ya n gi ya abit of competition :) ..

haven't brought it up yet mate, depending on interest we could have a vote to see where most would like to play.

tbh it would be nice to get enough uys over the next few weeks to fill a division and have others maybe fill another in another leaue.

but if people want to just go with random teams thats also an option I suppose (if interest is high enough)

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Re: Gold Championship 300

so what league does everyone fancy??............I was thinking it would be better to o into one of the less popular leagues (Croatia' date=' Mexico, belgium)

as this would allow for most to get in, as some won't be reserving.

but its upto the majority ;)

this thread is only here to gain interest in the setup[/quote']

I'm down for for a league that is due to have a rating change - Belgium sounds good to me. I wouldnt mind Netherlands or Mexico either. Croatia why not!

Basically, yeah, haha B)

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Re: Gold Championship 300

1. Union Berlin: The Story So Far

Not even an hour after being installed as the new Union Berlin manager, insider has already made a splash by capturing holding midfielder Edenilson from Corinthians for an undisclosed cash amount. The move comes as a surprise in Germany, where very few have ever heard of the player. "Edenilson has always been a favourite of mine, ever since his days in the 3rd division of Brazil with S.E.R. Caxias do Sul. Since transferring to Corinthians a few seasons ago, he hasn't played much in the shadow of Paulinho. It's a risk for us to take him on, but we believe the player will be a better fit in the rougher German game than he was in Brazil."

Edenilson is known in southern Brazil as one of the better players produced by the Caxias academy, who have long been overshadowed by crosstown neighbors Juventude. He's a rougher player who isn't afraid to mix it up with the occasional run forward. insider is hoping to have him fully integrated into the starting lineup for the season opener against Sandhausen. Edenilson is expected to join the club in Sao Paulo tonight after their friendly in Bragança Paulista, a few hours away. He will fly with them to Vancouver, where he is expected to make his debut tomorrow.

XI for tonight's match:

1. Haas 84

6. Pfertzel 83 5. Stuff 83 34. Schonheim 83 7. Kohlmann 83

17. Mattuschka 83 8. Karl 83 21. Ozbek 84 29. Parensen 83

11. Terrode 83 32. Nemec 83

FC Kobenhavn defender Ragnar Sigurdsson appears to be ready to move East... the only question is which way he will go. Union Berlin and Ingolstadt are currently in a battle for the Icelandic defender's rights. "Both options are appealing, as I believe both insider and smut are managers under whom I will be able to develop and hopefully make a mark on the Bundesliga as soon as next season."

When asked which way he was leaning, he answered:"I haven't made a decision yet. Berlin's in the north, which is colder. I prefer playing in the cold, it feels like home. However, Ingolstadt's food... I can definitely see myself enjoying Bavaria as well."

Both teams have deals in that include decent players that would also help Kobenhavn. A decision is expected shortly.

Rumours are surrounding Berlin today about the hire of Canadian manager insider, first non-German manager at the club since 2004. insider is known specifically for unearthing gems out of various parts of the world, specifically Brazil. Talk around the club is one of a culture change. Many players are worried that they'll be shipped out, but fans are generally curious to see what is to come.

The announcement of the signing of Edenilson earlier today appears to be a sign of things to come for the capital club. Is Berlin lining itself up for a massive disappointment? "I believe fans need to have faith in the process, but keep expectations reasonable. I've been asked a few times about the new signing and it appears local media are expecting a flashy Brazilian midfielder. This is unreasonable to expect from Edenilson, who is more of an all-around cleanup guy. There will be players brought in for different purposes, so expectations need to be toned down."

Not everyone is excited, though. Longtime fan Fritz Zimmermann is concerned about the culture change. "Union has been a German club since I started supporting the club after the war", he said earlier today. "This foreigner cannot come in and bring even more foreigners. The culture of the club must remain German!" Zimmermann points to the Edenilson purchase and the rumored interest in Icelandic defender Ragnar Sigurdsson as signs that the club will lose its soul. He takes relief in the fact that no German players have been sold or transfer listed yet. "Hopefully, these foreigners will be loaned out, only to be sold for profit. This would be the only acceptable solution.

BRAGANÇA PAULISTA, Brazil - Despite everything burly striker Otacilio Neto threw at them, Union Berlin were able to maintain an early two goal lead and defeat 2nd division Brazilian side CA Bragantino by a score of two goals to one. Slovakian center-forward Adam Nemec opened the scoring in the 29th minute, simply tapping in a pass from Simon Terrode. His German partner up front then doubled the lead by getting his head on a ball from Torsten Mattuschka and pushing it past goalkeeper Gleguer.

Neto drew one back in the 73rd, but it didn't matter as Daniel Haas had things under control. All of Bragantino's shots came in the second half, including a stoppage-time chance for Eder. "Our keeper bailed us out today. The defense simply wasn't good enough, they needed to shut things down after the good play by our strikers. They need to get better." One can only wonder if the arrival of Edenilson after the game means the end of French defender Marc Pfertzel's run in the starting lineup. Edenilson was originally slated to play as a holding midfielder, but his jersey number (2) indicates that he might just be lining up as a right back. He's expected to make his debut tomorrow night in Vancouver.

It is worth noting that this was a true gentleman's friendly. Both teams were testing out their initial preparations, not a single card was handed out.

VANCOUVER - New Union Berlin manager insider stepped off the plane to some good news on Friday morning. A few of the deals he had been working on in Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo were completed while in the air. Assistants back in Berlin were given the green light to make certain concession and they got the job done. Leaving the club are Brazilian forward Silvio, who is heading to Belgium to play in Louvain. Defender Christian Stuff, who disappointed in the opening friendly, is on his way to Austria to play for Red Bull. Finally, youngster Christopher Quiring is making the short trip south to play for St. Gallen. Neither of the strikers were part of the plans for the season, but Stuff was a starting center back who may need to be replaced from the outside.

Coming back are a few players that will add some electricity to the Berlin lineup. 27 year old Spanish striker Jonathan Soriano is fresh off a hot spell at Red Bull Salzburg, where his 18 goals in 24 games were second in Austria. Soriano is a former Barcelona B star and will be inserted straight into the starting lineup. He can also play as a midfielder.

Joining him in Berlin will be an attacking minded compatriot, the younger Chuli. The 22 year old joins on a cash deal from Recreativo, where he was 5th in the Spanish second division in scoring with 14 goals in 26 games. He's a player who has steadily been improving over the course of the season, and he'll look to keep improving to eventually work his way into the Berlin starting lineup. His arrival clogs up the midfield a bit, however, and there and rumblings that he may eventually be loaned out.

Next to Soriano up front, 26 year old center-forward Ibou Sawaneh has signed on from OH-Leuven. The Gambian international was the 3rd top scorer in Belgium with 17 goals in 27 games. This is a bit of a surprise signing as this is Sawaneh's first real season in the spotlight. He's never been counted upon as a top player before this season. The move to Berlin gives him a chance to prove that he isn't just a flash in the pan. He's expected to compete for a starting spot immediately.

Finally, insider shored up his midfield with versatile 27 year old Argentinean midfielder Ezequiel Scarione. Likely to be used on the flank, Scarione is no stranger to the scoresheet; he's been on it 25 times in the last 2 seasons. This seasons, for upstart St Gallen, he was second in Swiss scoring behind Swiss international Marco Streller, who is rumored to be

changing clubs soon as well. This is impressive, but it's his leadership role within the team that had insider interested. In his two seasons in St Gallen, he's molded the team from a Challenge League club to a serious contender for European football. It's time to see if he can lead Berlin to a promotion as well.

What does this all mean? Well, it sure complicates things for the existing attacking players in Berlin. Players like Patrick Zoundi, Adam Nemec and Simon Terrode may have just lost their job security, despite the fact that both Terrode and Nemec had good first games. More movement is expected on the back end, which was a weak spot against Bragantino. The seasons starts next Saturday in Sandhausen.

VANCOUVER - After a long and fruitful career in Croatia, left wing-back Luis Ibanez has finally moved on. The 24 year old Argentinean, who is in the process of naturalizing so he'd be able to play for Croatia, has been announced as the flagship signing of Union Berlin. The 4-time Croatian champion is viewed by many as the best left back to play in Croatia in a very long time. Berlin manager insider had this to say about the player:"Ibanez is one of the main guys that we wanted. He's hopefully going to patrol the wing for us for a very long time. He's consistent and brings a pace to the game that will hopefully help us gain an advantage over our opponents."

Ibanez came surprisingly cheap in a straight up exchange for aging Irish defender Patrick Kohlmann.


The signing of Ibanez makes insider's failure to land Ragnar Sigurdsson easier to swallow. The Icelandic international instead sealed a deal with Ingolstadt, who paid a price that was just a bit too deep for Berlin. "He would've been a great addition to the squad", insider said after announcing the deals today, "but he's replaceable. We already are in talks with another defender about possibly coming to play for us. He seems interested in making a move to Europe."

It's still a bitter pill to swallow for Berlin, who must now face Sigurdsson at least twice per season.


In another transfer set up to improve the club's defense, Berlin signed hard-as-nails defender Cabral from FC Basel. This season has been a coming out party for the 3-time Swiss champion and he decided that it was the right time to move on up. "After my successful integration of the starting XI in Basel, I think it's now time to see what's waiting for me in Germany. We had a good run in Europe, but I want to travel to better leagues, and I believe in Berlin's 2-year plan to make it to the Bundesliga." Cabral caught the first flight to Vancouver and, despite being a bit tired, should be next to Ibanez in the lineup tonight. Going to Basel is 32 year old midfielder Daniel Gohlert.


After it seemed all but certain that Terrence Boyd was headed to New York, Boyd changed his mind and decided to sign in Berlin instead. The American international, who is currently in his first pro season, has been the revelation of the year in Vienna, scoring 11 goals in 22 games, good for 3rd in the league behind Philip Hosiner and fellow Berlin signing Jonathan Soriano. Going to Vienna is 20 year old Steven Skrzybski.

Berlin continued to pickup prolific young strikers from smaller countries, singing both Josip Drmic from FC Zurich and Nicolai Brock-Madsen from Danish side Randers. Drmic, a 20-year old Swiss international, was 4th in Swiss league scoring with 8 goals in 19 games. Brock-Madsen, a 20 year old Dane, has 5 goals in 17 games this season, but his game has improved leaps and bounds since the beginning of the season. Both are looking to progess some more in Berlin.


Berlin are currently visiting Vancouver where the Whitecaps are hosting their second game in as many days. They drew at home to Spanish Segunda side Alcorcon FC. Berlin are expected to introduce a few new faces today, including Lucho, Edenilson, Soriano, Cabral, Scarione and Sawaneh. One of the best players yesterday, Simon Terodde, isn't feeling well and is out today. Lineup:

1. 84 Haas

2. 83 Edenilson 24. 83 Cabral 34. 83 Schonheim 3. 86 Ibanez

17. 83 Mattuschka 8. 83 Karl 21. 84 Ozbek 10. 83 Scarione

26. 85 Soriano 12. 83 Sawaneh


  • Berlin have also signed Trinidadian international Sheldon Bateau from Mechelen. The 22 year old played 17 games in Belgium after leaving his home island last season.
  • They are also rumoured to be in the running for 19 year old Belgian striker Michy Batshuayi.

VANCOUVER, BC - Thanks to two expensive transfer targets, the Vancouver Whitecaps were able to defeat Berlin 2-0 at home on Friday. Newcomers Seydou Keita and Amauri outshun anything Berlin had to offer. However, it was yesterday's hero, goalkeeper Daniel Haas, who let down the club, allowing 2 goals on 3 shots. Total shots were 14-5 in Berlin's favor in a game that could've gone either way.

"It's no big deal", said manager insider after the game. "The boys are just getting used to each other, that's what these friendlies are for. Give them some time to gel. Our field players all had pretty decent games, which is good for the morale. I'm happy with what I saw." The new manager also couldn't help but get a dig in at his counterpart. "I would never swap my new signings for his. Our plan goes beyond this year. It's not going to look too good for Vancouver unless they start planning for the future."

Nevertheless, it'll be a long flight to Crimea, almost halfway around the world, to face Tavriya tomorrow. It is not yet known what the lineup will look like, though striker Simon Terrode is feeling a bit better. He could be back. Defender Maurice Trapp was returned to the club by Hansa Rostock. He was told not to unpack his bags. Stay tuned.

BERLIN - Bitter rivals Hertha Berlin and Union Berlin have announced a friendly for the first weekend of the Bundesliga season. It will give a chance for both teams to give their new players an introduction to the Berlin football culture. When reached in Vancouver for comment, Union manager insider had this to say:"Yes, I'm thrilled that our request was accepted. It was my idea to begin with. I want my players to be fully introduced to the hatred between the two teams. The reason I want it to be early in the season is because I want my team to hit a wall against this hatred and Hertha started the season with a historically much, much better team. However, the way manager Dan James has started his reign, it seems like we'll have to face them early if we want them to give us a challenge."

The two teams face each other on the 24th of March.

SIMFEROPOL, Crimea - As Berlin's pre-season tour heads to Eastern Europe,

Berlin manager insider took a side trip to Cyprus and came back with a shiny new midfielder. 32 year old Brazilian Juliano Spadacio has joined the club from Anorthosis Famagusta, where he lead the Cypriot league in scoring with 14 goals so far this season. The midfielder is a free kick and penalty specialist; he will be looked upon to provide a veteran presence on a club with no one else over the age of 30.

Spadacio is expected to make his debut tomorrow night in place of Markus Karl or Baris Ozbek. A decision is to be made later.

SIMFEROPOL, Crimea - After the failure to sign Icelandic defender Ragnar Sigurdsson, Berlin manager insider hinted that it wasn't too big of a deal because he had a highly skilled young defender who was pondering making the switch to European football. This signing was made official today in the form of 21 year old Colombian Pedro Franco. The ex-Millonarios defender decided today that he had developed as much as he could in over 100 games for the Colombian giants. He will join the squad tomorrow in Sevilla.

Berlin also continued their good relationship with Rapid Vienna, signing Austrian international Lukas Konigshofer. The 23 year old goalkeeper was acquired in a straight deal for Maurice Trapp, who was sent back from a loan spell at Rostock yesterday. Kongshofer is expected to battle Jan Glinker for the right to back up Daniel Haas. Konigshofer joins Rapid Vienna teammate Terrence Boyd in Berlin.


It should be a relatively even match tonight at the RSC Lokomotiv stadium, although Tavriya have the advantage of being at home for the third game in a row, while Berlin are recovering from a two-game trip to the Americas. New signing Spadacio is expected to spark the club, as his trip from Cyprus allowed him to remain in the same time zone. Winger Michael Parensen is also makin his season debut.

1. 84 Haas

2. 83 Edenilson 24. 83 Cabral 34. 83 Schonheim 3. 85 Ibanez

10. 83 Scarione 5. 86 Spadacio 26. 85 Soriano 29. 83 Paresen

11. 83 Terrode 12. 83 Sawaneh

03/16 Spadacio energizes Berlin to victory

Though it may not be obvious from the scoresheet, new signing Juliano Spadacio was exactly what the doctor ordered for the Germans. After a very slow start to the game, it was a pair of menacing free kicks from the Brazilian's feet that jump started Berlin. One of those set pieces was eventually slotted in by defender Fabian Schönheim to make the score 1-0. Spadacio's play inspired compatriot Edenilson, who played an inspired game, getting up and down the field to make dangerous runs. Goalkeeper Daniel Haas recovered well from his bad game yesterday, but Argentinean Ezequiel Scalone added a second goal in the second half for good measure.

Colombian defender Pedro Franco was on the bench for this one. He makes his debut tomorrow in Andalusia.

SEVILLE, Andalusia - After yesterday's signing of midfield wizardJuliano Spadacio, Union Berlin went out to find a complement for him the midfield. That complement was found in Norwegian international Ruben Yttegard Jensen. Jensen, a starter for Norway since being promoted from his role as their U-21 captain, is a ball-winner who is renowned for his set-up abilities. This bodes well for the strikers, but also for Spadacio, who will be given the space to do his thing. "We believe the two are perfectly adapted for each other", claimed insider about his new pair of central midfielder. "In practice, of course, this could prove to be false. But from what we've seen, they are well suited for each other." Going back to Tromso, where Jensen has started 120 league games over the past 4 seasons, are midfielders Christoph Menz and Michael Parensen, who were judged to be surplus.

Christofi joins attack

Another new signing to join the club today is Cypriot international Demetris Christofi. The 24 year old can play on the wing or as a support striker. Though he had 7 goals for Omonia Nicosia this season, Christofi is more of a setup guy who makes room for his teammates and draws fouls. Again, this is great news for players such as Juliano Spadacio and Jonathan Soriano. Going back to Omonia Nicosia is defender Bjorn Kopplin, who apparently makes up for his original transfer to Omonia, which was a Cypriot record two years ago.

Versatile Paredes signs

After a short stint at Barcelona SC, former Deportivo Quito winger Juan Carlos Paredes has signed in Germany, we learned earlier today. The 25 year old Ecuadorian international is a dynamic runner who can play as either a wingback or an attacking winger on either side of the pitch. This versatility is expected to come in handy for insider, who might just end up using him off the bench. "It's a possibility, for sure. It'll all depend on how he plays when he gets here." said insider when asked about the winger. "It would be a luxury to have a first-choice Ecuadorian international who can play wherever we want him coming off the bench." Going to Barcelona is 31 year old french defender Marc Pfertzel.

Latvian international joins cheap

Finally, Berlin have managed to sign Latvian international Arturs Zjuzins, the youngest member of Latvia's full international squad. The 21 year old midfielder has appeared twice for his country in World Cup qualifying and has impressed. He has 4 goals in 37 starts for Baltika in the 2nd tier of Russian football over the past 2 seasons. He joins Berlin for the spectacular fee of 70k.

Big Sevilla test tonight

In their fourth away game in a row, the 2-1-0 Berlin visit Andalusia tonight to take on Spanish giants Sevilla. Sevilla are 1-0-2, but they've had a tougher schedule, drawing English giants Chelsea and Everton. There will be a few debuts for Berlin tonight.

1. 84 Haas

2. 83 Edenilson 24. 83 Cabral 19. 84 Franco 3. 85 Ibanez

4. 83 Paredes 5. 86 Spadacio 16. 85 Yttergard Jensen 77. 84 Christofi

11. Terrode 26. Soriano

HAMILTON, South Lanarkshire - In a game no one was expecting to be a close contest, goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa had to play the hero to save Sevilla's victory. It was an inspired performance by the Berliners, who kept the pressure on all game despite falling down 1-0 early to a Gary Medel goal. Newcomers Ruben Yttegard Jensen and Dimitris Christofi were both dangerous throughout, as well as stampeding wingback Edenilson.

New center-back signed from Gent

Spaniard Cesar Arzo has signed up with Berlin and will arrive here in Hamilton. The 27 year old being European cup experience, having played in the Europa league this season. He's expected to land in Hamilton soon and will play tonight.

Scotland the 5th stop

After trips to Brazil, Canada, the Ukraine and Spain, Berlin are in Hamilton tonight to play Hamilton Academical.

1. 84 Haas

2. 83 Edenilson 6. 86 Arzo 19. 84 Franco 3. 86 Ibanez

10. 83 Scarione 16. 85 Yttegard Jensen 5. 86 Spadacio 77. 84 Christofi

12. 83 Sawaneh 26. 85 Soriano


BERLIN - After a four game road trip to open the preseason, Berlin fans finally got a chance to take a look at their revamped squad... and big name signing Juliano Spadacio made sure that they had nothing to complain about! It was Scottish side Hamilton Academical visiting, and they left with their tails between their legs. After Jonathan Soriano and Ezequiel Scarione scored two quick goals early in the game, Spadacio put it away with two quick goals in the 32nd and 34rd minute, followed by a free kick goal in the 35th. How often do you see a player turn in a hat trick in 4 minutes?

Spadacio wasn't done there. He slotted in a penalty, drawn by Yttegard Jensen, and, after Scarione scored his second, closed the game off with his 5th goal in the closing stages. Spadacio also set up one of the goals. The others were set up by Ibou Sawaneh (x2), who is starting to break out of his slump but still likely behind Simon Terrode for the final spot in the starting XI (Terrode did not play), Edenilson, Soriano and Demetris Christofi.

Tonight, Berlin visit divisional rivals Cottbus. Terrode draws in for Sawaneh and Edenilson will also get the night off, leaving his spot to Paredes, who gets his first test at right back.

1. 84 Haas

4. 83 Paredes 6. 86 Arzo 19. 84 Franco 6. 85 Ibanez

10. 83 Scarione 5. 86 Spadacio 16. 85 Yttegard Jensen 77. 84 Christofi

11. 83 Terrode 26. 85 Soriano

Quick hits:

  • Berlin completed the youth signing of Ivoirian striker Moryké Fofana from Lillestrom today for a small undisclosed amount.
  • Though Soriano's 26 shirt was a bestseller before the game, the Berlin shop sold over 250 Spadacio '5' shirts after the game. That's impressive, considering less than 3500 fans attended.
  • You can tell when defensive enforcer Edenilson is starting to get into the groove. The defender, who was brought to Berlin to get his nose dirty, has gotten booked in his last two games. He's the only Berlin player to have his name taken down so far this season.

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Re: Gold Championship 300

I'm in.

Problem with that concept though is that we won't know until it's released which leagues will be in' date=' other than the main ones. And once it's released, people will swarm it to grab the good teams.[/quote']

Nice to have you on board sir ;)

Yeah thats the only stumbling block............the only other option is to choose a League with more than just the top division.

this would leave plenty of teams available.

Maybe France or Germany ( Germany being the obvious choice as teams have decent sized stadia in all divisions)

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Re: Gold Championship 300

Nice to have you on board sir ;)

Yeah thats the only stumbling block............the only other option is to choose a League with more than just the top division.

this would leave plenty of teams available.

Maybe France or Germany ( Germany being the obvious choice as teams have decent sized stadia in all divisions)

Yeah, Germany Div.2 would be ok... cause we can be all or almost all in 1 league, we will have small teams and i think that the clubs in Germany Div.2 will be all available, maybe 1 or 2 will be taken but...

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