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Resigned By Mistake

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Under the influence, I resigned from my club by mistake and am besides myself. Can't see who to contact to beg for job back. Had been really turning them around and would hate to lose them - I'd rather give up the drink.

Please can anyone tell me how to go about it as only address I could find emailed back to say they only deal with business enquiries.

Would be most grateful for any assistance.


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Re: Resigned By Mistake


I've done the same thing - please help !!!

I went to resign from an international team last night but my Norton Internet Security software autofilled the fields for both the international team AND the club team before automatically refreshing and deleting both. I couldn't stop it in time.

I've sent a bug report to SM asking to be re-instated as the club's manager as I couldn't see any other way of contacting them.

I tried to take over as manager again via the 'add new club' button but the gameworld is rejecting my application. I've managed the club for over 430 games...:(

Please can anyone give me an email address or contact link for SM so I can rescue my club.

Thank you in advance...

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Re: Resigned By Mistake

I acidently accepted a job offer from another international team other day, thankfully i was able to quit said team and rejoin my original international team..

with regards this incident you would have had to enter your password to quit your team, therefore i can't see anything that could be done in your case..

One issue i have & im not 100% sure if i'm correct but if you recieve an offer from another club, if by acident you accept the new job offer by mistake do you need to enter your password or do you take control of the new team instantly, i dont always reject job offers just on the basis that i accidently do this..

If no password is requested in this situation could SM please introduce it, i can only imagine (even tough i've never seen it mentioned here) that it can happen easily..

rust, thats unlucky, best bet is contact one of the forum mods & ask them to contact someone on your behalf, i don't know who from SM is still in the community anymore.

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Re: Resigned By Mistake

If you accept a job offer from another club you don't have to enter your password, you just take over the new team instantly (which is why I leave most of the offers I get just in case I click the wrong one by accident)

And I never action any job offers on April 1st, just in case one year SM decide to swap the Accept and Reject buttons around for a laugh :)

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