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David Nugent ~ The-Merry-Go-Round ?!?

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David Nugent, Englands under 21 striker, who signed a deal for Portsmouth in July after a £6m move from PNE has now been linked with a move away from the club with Derby County linked.

Nugent scored against Leeds in the League Cup and has started two Premiership games this season, but has been on the bench for the previous two with Harry Redknapp prefering Kanu, Utaka and Benjani.

Apparently Redknapp wants to sign Nicolas Anelka, who would cost in the region of £12m, but he would have to sell before buying.

Harry Redknapp:

"Sometimes when you are trying to raise money you have to sell someone you don't really want to sell. That could be David but it could be others."

"What we need is somebody who can get us 15 to 20 goals a season and if we can do some good business and improve the team we will."

"He's a young player and obviously he wants to play but at the moment Kanu has been absolutely brilliant, John Utaka's a threat and Benjani does well.

For me personally, i think this is absolutely crazy !! How can a club chase a player all summer, a very young talented player i may add, and then just sell him off after 2/3 games because they want to chase another striker???

The same happened with West Ham and Mascherano, are these clubs just buying these players for the sake of buying ? Or is this just madness ?

I don't know if there are any Portsmouth fans on the forum that want to express their opinion on this ? Or just any fan.

Nugent hasn't been transfered yet, but the fact that the manager is thinking of it ? Why not keep him ? Why buy him in the first place ?

Must be hard for players like Nugent, who obviously have talent, to have much confidence if they only have pre-season and 2 games of a season to prove himself to the manager.

Has anyone else seen this story ??? :)

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Re: David Nugent ~ The-Merry-Go-Round ?!?

I agree with you.

even though I am a Derby Fan and I would love to see Nugent in a Derby shirt, but I don't think its fair that Nugent should be showed the door after 4 games, its utter madness. At least give him a chance to show him wht he can do before he moves on.

Rednapp said on sky sports that he would show him the door for buisness but really they have wasted their time if they have signed a young player for 6m who should be a England regular soon and now going to sell him off to Derby.

But as I said, I really would love to see him in a Derby shirt, I rate him very much, but I dont agree that Rednapp has shown him the door already.

Oh and one more thing, on the Derby BBC 606, Ive found out that on Sky Sports news, he said that he wants to stay and fight for a spot.

Good for him

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