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Tin Jedvaj,new supertalent from Dinamo Zagreb

Nat Murdo

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Name:Tin Jedvaj


Club:Dinamo Zagreb

National team:Croatia U-19



After defenders Vida and Tonel left Dinamo,coach Jurčić deside to give a chance to local kid from Dinamo youth.

In January Jedvaj went with first team in Turkey on trainings before second part of season starts.

He debuted in HNL(Croatia league) on 10.2.2013 against Osijek.

After that Dinamo played 4 more games in league,with Jedvaj always in starting 11,making great CB's tandem with Josip Šimunić.

He impressed in greatest derby in Croatia football,Hajduk vs Dinamo(1:2),and some media even choose him as a player of the match.

Former Dinamo and Liverpool player Igor Bišćan said after that game:

"He could be a great player one day.It's not just that he is only good in defending tasks,he is so calm with ball and have great passing skills for a CB,I woudn't be suprised If he start playing as a DM in future."

Tin Jedvaj started his carrer in NK Zagreb,and at 11 he come to biggest club in the city,Dinamo Zagreb.

He have long term contract with Dinamo,until 2020.

He said that after Dinamo,Barcelona is his favourite club,and that his favourite players are Puyol and Thiago Silva.

What you thing guys,I belive that after Ćorluka,Modrić,Mandžukić,Lovren,Kovačić...D.Zagreb again strikes with a great potential,alongside with their now biggest talent,Alen Halilović.

Dinamo sign Lee Addy,who is pretty good CB,there is possibility that he will be starting CB instead of Jedvaj,but if Jedvaj continue playing how he played till now,Addy doesn't have a chance.

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Re: Dinamo Zagreb new supertalent(and I don't talk about Halilović) - Tin Jedvaj

Jedzaj B)

Will be great when his best mate Jozo gets added.

Pair them together.

Jozo Šimunović' date='Marko Kolar,Fran Brodić,young Dinamo players how are also send from youth to senior team.

This is video of entire match Hajduk vs Dinamo,look at 0:38:00,how Jedvaj took the ball and send great pass for Krstanović who score for 0:1.


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Re: Tin Jedvaj,new supertalent from Dinamo Zagreb

He is so good.

Must be due a rise soon.:confused:


You should watch this guy' date='before couple of days I wrote long post about him,he is best Dinamo player in last weeks

Almost 5 years after somebody writed something on this thread,I would love to say something about Husejinović current situation:

Even though he was huge talent,he acted as a "bad boy" in Werder(arguing with coach,go out at night to bars...),and they sacked him.

Couple of months he was just spending his money,he become fat,he didn't train or play for any team,and when he finally sign for FK Sarajevo(he come back to Bosnia league),he had 94kg:eek:


He lose some weight,come to 88kg,even though he still wasn't fit enough he was best player of the league,and at Europa league qualification game vs Levski he scored amazing goal:


In January 2013 he sign for Dinamo Zagreb,and he moust time come from bench in second half,he scored his first goal for Dinamo in last game:

Dinamo coach Jurčić say about him:

there isn't many players skilled as him,but he still need more time to come in proper shape,and then we will see best of him

Husejinović say:

I now have 80kg,I'm motivated to show everbyody what I can do on pitch,I'm now new person,I'm totally focused on my training

This picture from last game show that he is indeed in pretty good shape now


As 24 years old player,he still have time to make good carrer.

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Re: Tin Jedvaj,new supertalent from Dinamo Zagreb

He is standard Dinamo's player, regularly plays as CB, and few games played as DM. There is a lot interest for this fellow (Inter, Arsenal...), and Mr. Mamic set asking price for about 10M.

I suggest you, not to keep eye on him, but to buy him, asap ;)

also, my prediction is that he will brought in NT soon. New NT coach like to experiment, Simunic is too old, Lovren is too shame, Corluka injury prone Vida nothing special...

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Re: Riferimento: Tin Jedvaj,new supertalent from Dinamo Zagreb

Very good player' date=' should start for Roma. Will gradually increase during the next rating change.[/quote']

You think he will be a starter for Roma? With Marquinhos, Castan and Benatia as competitors? Really?

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