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Whats your favourite cereal?

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Re: Whats your favourite cereal?

Erm.... talking about random threads:eek::rolleyes:

Anyway, my favourite cereals are Frosties, Chocos and Honey Loops, although then again I'd take almost all cereals except Corn Flakes, which are disgusting without sugar (and then they taste like Frosties! :P )

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Re: Whats your favourite cereal?

I love - LOVE - Cheerios whenever I get the chance to buy cereal' date=' cause my Mum always buys Cornflakes

I'm also quite fond of Sugar Puffs

I wonder if anyone, if they have any left in their bowl, drink the left-over milk? I do![/quote']

So do I, can't let stuff go to waste! plus think of the calcium! :D

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Re: Whats your favourite cereal?

hey guys i thought you would all appreciate it if i did the latest cereal rating changes for week 1 so you can make some transfers....

Weetabix has increased to 91

Ready break has decreased to 85

Frosties have increased to 95

Cheerios have increased to 98

Nesquik has increased to 92

Cornflakes have decreased to 90

Toast has decreased to 93

Porridge has increased to 94

Thats it for week 1. Considering changes for honey nut cheerios + chocolate weetabix plus much more............. But im not telling you if they will be good changes or bad muhahahaha :P:D:P:D

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