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The new Prince of Vila Belmiro? - JOSHUA ( son of Pele )

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Joshua Nascimento

In April 1994, Pelé married psychologist and gospel singer Assíria Lemos Seixas, who gave birth on 28 September 1996 to twins Joshua and Celeste through fertility treatments.

Nearly 16 years on, son Joshua is hoping to put pen to paper with his fathers club Santos

Translations taken from Globoesporte

Lack little striker Joshua signing with the professional team of Santos. If the forecasts are confirmed, the player who is the son of King Pelé, may receive the new title "prince" of Vila Belmiro soon.

On Thursday, the Athlete of the Century was at Vila Belmiro to sign the liability waiver, which makes the child a federated player. He also endorsed the inclusion of Joshua in sub-17 Championship, which begins on April 6.

Joshua is 16 years old, is already club employee receives per diem, but has not yet become a professional athlete.

The King knows that is not easy to see a child wearing a shirt that was once his, but said he would ask Joshua to use the number he immortalized: 10.

" The coach who is going to see. We will ask (for using and enjoying the 10), but it is clear that he expects much bigger than mine. Joshua wants to be recognized and have this pressure that is Pele's son's care that I told him to have " - says Pele

" He grew up in the United States, the school that has the same base as the boys here. He turned 16 now. Sometimes Joshua say: "Wow, the kids there are running," and I say, "of course, they are already prepared physically, you're here for a month." "But he has skill. I hope he get some experience, and we will have another crack at the Santos Football Club" - completed the King

Joshua played at Florida Rush in the United States. Last year, he spent a month training with the under-17 squad Santos. He returned in February and works regularly at the club. The new "prince" is the child's relationship with Pelé Assyria and is living with his father in Guaruja.

Young Joshua is just beginning his career, hopefully the burden of his legendary family name doesnt hinder his career, and i would imagine he would be grateful of a career thats even scratches that of his father.

I hope under the watchful eye of Pele & Pele's older son,Edinho, will keep him on the path to success..and to avoid the pitfalls that caught out Edinho...

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Re: The new Prince of Vila Belmiro? - JOSHUA ( son of Pele )


Pelé's son Joshua Nascimento made his debut at Santos under 17 team yesterday, in a match against São Bernardo.

The game was played at Santos' Rei Pelé training ground, for the 8th round of São Paulo's under 17 State League.

Santos won the game 3-1 but Joshua only came as a substitute from the bench in the second half.

Joshua Nascimento touched the ball for the first time in the 72nd minute but he otherwise made little impact in the game.

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