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I am sure this has probably been discussed at some point before but I think manager sackings should be part of the game.

It is inconceivable that if Barcelona were relegated that the chairman would not sack the manager. Therefor I think if a manager fails badly he could be sacked by the chairman and offered another job.

A message something like this could appear:

The chairman has decided that your performance was unacceptable and has decided to relieve you of your duties. The following clubs are keen to offer you a job: Real Betis, Atalanta, Fulham, Eintracht Frankfurt.

Good or daft?

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Re: Manager sackings

It's a good thought and if you set up a custom world you have the option of choosing if you want 'manager sackings' (I think you have the option of choosing from 1 to 3 relegated teams to sack their manager).

However, as stated above, it wouldn't happen in standard set-ups...

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