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Rugby World Cup

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Re: Rugby World Cup

:eek: uwwww AM.. is your ancestory English specific

Tough One

Well my family side originate from England anyway. Only about 5 generations in South Africa!!

Anyways. I have made my decision!

I am going for ENGLAND!!! My heart just pounds more when they are mentioned!!! CMON WILKO!!!!

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Re: Rugby World Cup So were led to believe you dont support them ' date=' So reading this older thread of yours earlier which part tells me you dont support them ,to me it easily refers to the opp

Re: Rugby World Cup For all neutrals let's just hope SA will win the final or else we'll see 4 more years of boring defensive rugby.

Re: Rugby World Cup

:mad: We had a clear cut try from Cueto' date='but usual officials getting it wrong again..I don't mind in a semi final occasionally but in a Final!!..It's depressing :([/quote']

Was right decision & i cant see were you think it was clear cut :eek:

Plz put your comment in the why every one hates the english thread :eek:

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