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The Spitalish Division (Spanish, Italian & English) ***NEW***

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The Spitalish Division is comprised of the best teams from the Sp(anish), ita(lian) & (eng)lish leagues. With 40 teams across 2 divisions, see if you can either win promotion to the big time or, in fact win the "big time"!

I've set the manager reputation to 75+ Level 6 as I want serious committed managers.

It is due for creation this morning and you will be able to pick your team first thing tomorrow morning.

Feel free to reply to this post if you have managed to take control of a club and introduce yourself!

I look forward to signing your players :)

Cheers >> Jeet.

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Re: The Spitalish Division (Spanish, Italian & English) ***NEW***

Ok, We've still a few strong clubs available to manage... I have lowered the reputations level to Level 5 (45+) so if managers want to apply please go ahead...

Just search for The Spitalish Division under custom setups.

Italy Vs Spain Vs England. Should be sweet.

Gonna be a great league.

Have fun,


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Re: The Spitalish Division (Spanish, Italian & English) ***NEW***

Currently unmanaged:



Deportivo La Coruña


Real Betis

Real Sociedad










Aston Villa

Blackburn Rovers

Bolton Wanderers


Season is due to START on 16/09. Which country will you represent? Im in charge of Manchester United and have top names available on the loan list such Pique & Luis Anderson. Join now and have your pick! And remember... everybody has a price!

Cheers >> Jeet.

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