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There is a guy in one of the leagues I in and he is cheating persistently. He also seems to have stumbled across a potential loophole in cheating with transfers.

For months now he has been setting up new SM accounts and joining small clubs our league. He then immediately offers the absolute top price for one of his main club players. I have been reporting these transfers and the majority are reversed. This was all fine.

However, now with the new way of loaning players, he has been unable to loan out some of his players and they have become discontent and requested transfers. This would all be fine if it were not for a small bug this uncovers.

He is now buying up the players that request transfers at the very top price they can go for. But because the players requested transfers, there is no option to report this transfer as suspect.

Surely this is a bug?

Also, while I'm on it. Should SM not introduce more rules on cheating. I accept he can't be kicked off the game but surely there should be a strikes rule or something similar. For example, if he has had three transfers reversed then he gets a transfer embargo for a month or something similar.

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