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Portuguese league ratings..

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Re: Portuguese league ratings..

yes' date=' he have been one of the best players of the team and because him, the coach changed the system. Always surprised me how he hadn't luck in England as he is a great player and has been the Engine of Sporting. He should be 88 for what have been done in Sporting and for what he made in last games with Boro sweater.[/quote']

cos he was a lazy so and so who was only too happy to pick up his wages every week and not have to perform.

Upped his game towards the end of last season with Boro as he knew it would help his negotiating a contract with Sporting.

He'll rise to 88!!!

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FCPorto: NUNO, Herlander(GK) last season was in Desportivo de Aves but now returned to FCPorto. He played in pre-season very well and was also titular in one game this season. He is currently 79 and

Re: Portuguese league ratings.. FCPorto: Bruno Alves- he played 1260 in Portuguese league more 540 minutes in champions league and was titular in Portugal in the 4 last games of qualifying to Euro 2

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Re: Portuguese league ratings..

Hello ray1981.

Bruno Alves will stay, Pepe is better than him and might rise to 93 so Bruno Alves will not be as higher as him.. as he is behind him in Portugal national squad.

Rolando might increase 1. He has been good since he started playing for the team, relegated our captain and our symbol to the bench. Was pre-convoked to the Portuguese national team in a sign that his job is being well appreciated for Carlos Queiroz.

Raul Meireles might increase. He has been our best player this season and played all minutes. Playing well as LM or in a position that he isn't so routined (DM), also being convoked and holder in the Portuguese National team i think this guarantees an increase also he made 2 assists to FCPorto goals.

i think the exibhition of FCPorto against Arsenal will not pinch this ratings.. because was just a bad game..

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Re: Portuguese league ratings..

Miguel Veloso is one of the most overrated players in Portugal. He has to drop to 90.

He worries more about his hair than his performances on the pitch' date=' pretty boy soft **** lamer.

No chance of going to a team like Arsenal.[/quote']

he does have great hair though

and he is an excellent player should be 92.

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Re: Portuguese league ratings..

Doesnt get much game time and when he is on tries to impress. Strong player with a strong shot. When Porto start to play better and he gets more time Im sure you will see him scoring.

Yea i was impressed from the little i saw.

he has now 7 sub appearances for Porto and scored 2 goals.

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Re: Portuguese league ratings..

he have been only the 2nd option to forward, have been only joining the game as substitute and never as holder.. he have two goals, one was pretty good, against Belenenses but the other was just 'backboard'. When he joins the team the quality of the same decreases, he is very individualistic and shots everywhere, he have to learn that he isn't the only player of the team and to pass the ball.. i think he might rise to 84/85 as he have technique and quality to be rated above and play more but only if he correct the defects i said above..

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Re: Portuguese league ratings..

Does anyone think Raul Meireles can hit 92 in the upcoming ratings? He's starting for Portugal at the moment' date=' and is ever-present for a Champions League team. He had a decent Euros, scoring once and making an impact off the bench on various occasions, as well as starting once.[/quote']

yep, i said it and stated some valid reasons in middle of this page. :|

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Re: Portuguese league ratings..

i think Moutinho will stay. Was good in EURO, but wasn't been nothing special this season.. because of that lost his place in Portugal XI, sincerely, Meireles this season is in a high level than Moutinho. Last season Moutinho was a little better, maybe the wish to quit Sporting affected him psychologically and this is affecting him in field too..

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Re: Portuguese league ratings..

I have seen a couple of porto players who perhaps deserved to be talked about.

Fernando (rated 84) - started 4 games and accumulated 339 minutes out of 5

league games so far

Tomás Costa (rated 84) - started 4 games and accumulated 268 minutes out of 5 league games.

Săpunaru (rated 86) - started all games and hasplayed every single minute.

Hulk (rated 82) - has not started a single game but came on as a sub in every one of them, netting 2 in the process, as porto's top scorer atm :eek:

small risers for all of them? Perhaps gizb can enlighten us.


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Re: Portuguese league ratings..

yes, i was thinking in create a post of the big 3-5 in next weekend that is when i have more time.. plus few risers and good players of each team.

Fernando is playing well, he took the place of Paulo Assunção and the biggest problem of Porto this season. Good recovering balls and starting the attack, important when the opposite teams use 2 forwards as he backs to help Rolando and Bruno Alves to Porto have the majority in defense. Always right in what he doies, he deserves an 86.

Tomas Costa is one of the biggests surprises for me. This guy is very good but have Lucho in front. He will be the successor of him as he is also good making rupture passes, but have to improve his defensive skills and middle shooting.

Sapunaru is very weak, or at least have being in all the games he have made. Poor defending not so good attacking, the majority of goals Porto suffered was from his side.. 87 at least, he not have class to be 88 if he keeps playing(??) like he has been.

Hulk, i said few times ( and said why) deserves an 84/85.. hope have helped :x

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Re: Portuguese league ratings..


Nuno - although he have only 90 minutes(and not increase) he was great in the game against Sporting, was because of him that Porto won the game.. with Helton recovered he would return to the bench.. but it's a petition online to keep him in Porto eleven..

Benitez - more used in CL than in league he is poor defending but he is fast, at least more fast than Fucile and also have the advantage to use better the left foot. Got some playing time and might increase to 85.

Sapunaru - being Porto fan it's a disappointment see him as holder week after week. Very poor defending, only seen in attack in corners because he is tall, not supports the attack or when supports loses the ball constantly and is slow recovering.. might increase to 87.

Sonkaya moved to Turkey, i think, don't know exactly the club but i think it's the Bursaspor

Rolando- not played first game of season, but after it started playing every game and was one of the betters at Emirates.. was pre convoked to Portuguese national squad(NS) and should guarantee a 88.

Bruno Alves- he is good defending and also dangerous in corner kicks.. this year discovered he is good scoring free kicks, one goal and shot other to bar.. 3rd option in Portugal NS, behind Carvalho and Pepe.. his increase depends the increase of Pepe..

Cristian Rodriguez- his position should change as he has been used as winger. He started with flash, proving that the valor that Porto paid for him wasn't in vain.. but after the game against Fenerbahce his performances decreased. Maybe because the teams he played against were more closed and not gave him space to use his skills and strengths. He deserves a 89, but a 90 could be in cards also because he as been in Uruguay NS..

Tomás Costa- the biggest surprise. Was voted by fans as the best new player of this season. Also the coach said he have category and intelligence to be a great player. The problem is that he have Lucho in front of him and both have the same characteristics.. might get a 86 this time.

Bollati- started the (pre) season as first option to replace Paulo Assunção, but when he was called he only made mistakes and created more problems to the team.. proving it are the 0 minutes this year in league.. might drop 1.

Fernando- Failed the options Bollati and Guarin, the necessity to have Raul Meireles more forward and the good positional he have, allied with good recovering skills and intelligence to start the counter attacks, make him the first choice for the DM position.. might increase to 86 this time.

Mariano Gonzalez- probably will not rise but proved that the last games of the last season weren't a mistake. He is finding the characteristics that make him good player. When fit is holder in attack.

Tarik- injured since long time, will surely decrease.

Farias- had a chance against Paços de Ferreira but wasted it was a turtle in field and a comparison with a forward in that game is completely wrong.. should decrease to 87..

Hulk- 2 goals in 8 sub appearances.. his goals decided the games when both were broken but when joins, the team starts play poorly. very individualistic, shots from everywhere even the chances to be goal are nearly zero.. don't know how to play in team.. an increase to 84 is in cards but he have to learn that his isn't Japan..


Quim- the best keeper of the league on pair with Eduardo, the holder of Portuguese NS, deserves a rise to 91.

Miguel Vitor- one that won with the current injuries in Benfica. With Luisao and David Luiz injured, with Edcarlos in loan to Fluminense, he with Sidnei got some minutes. Very nervous but correct, when didn't knew what make to the ball was very direct sending it off. The 2 first game as i said played because the injuries, but last played because Maxi was with Uruguayan NS.. he is the 2nd option to the right place of the defense. Only with injuries/suspensions have chances to play. might get 79/80.

Sidnei- He with Luisao will the double of Benfica's defense in the first half of season.. also if when David Luiz backs his performances be like the last games before become injured again.. with his goal proved that is also a good header. Can increase to 85 this time.

Yebda- great signing of Benfica. Not only because it was free but also showed that is good defending and have a good middle shooting skills. Also important in free kicks as he is a good header. He is replacing Petit on the team and i think he is at the same level, like the previous he have grapple. A rise to 87 it's on the cards.

Carlos Martins- the engine of Benfica as Aimar is not performing so well. His middle shooting is very dangerous, with left or right foot, at 20 or 40 meters he shots very well. Also being a part of Portuguese NS might guarantee to him a 89..

Aimar- he has been injured.. but when he is fit isn't at same level as i already saw him play. Also isn't playing in his position but normally in a wide.. should decrease to 90..

Cardozo- 5 games 3 goals, being one of the best scorers last season, excellent in free kicks also important in triangulations with Nuno Gomes deserves a 91.. the only problem is that he isn't playing much in Paraguay NS and might block an increase.

Makukula should decrease as he haven't played any minute yet.. he should had taken the opportunity to leave Benfica in pre-season..

only posted players that i think their rating will change.. will try later post about Sporting, Guimaraes, Braga and few risers of other teams like some curiosities.. :x

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