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English Championship 28257 - JOIN NOW!

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This is the official thread for English Championship 28257. English Championship 28257 is a 2 Division EC created on the 6th of April 2013. There are a total of 40 teams spread out into 2 Divisions.

Myself and Raz (MUTD) decided that we were going to start off in a new 2 Division standard English Championship and try and get 10-12 forumers who are frequent posters to join in. If we succeed in getting some forumers who post frequently into the game world then it will without doubt be a very enjoyable EC with lots of transfers, banter, competition etc. I personally will make sure that the fourm aspect of the game world stays lively by doing some write ups.

The new season is yet to start and there are plenty of teams available and more will become free when the 'bot' managers lose their clubs. There are a helluva lot of awesome players available at external as well. Since there are only 2 Divisions, almost every team starts of with a decent squad and with the kind of players who are available at external, with the right transfers you could turn any side into a very good team. Want to change your entire squad around? Well then this is the game world to do it!

It would be great to get some forumers in to join myself and Raz in this EC, so if you're up for some competition in a regular EC, then join EC 28257! You know you want to :P!

P.S An extra bonus, we can laugh our heads off listening to Raz rant about Gotze and Reus :P


Forumers Managing in EC 28257

Hancock (Everton)

MUTD (Newcastle United)

Patrick.FCB (WBA)

charlie_cat (Blackpool)

xxInstinctxx (Norwich)

iAwesome (Bolton)

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Re: English Championship 28257 - JOIN NOW!

It's alreaady open mate' date=' so if you 're interested, just take a club. :)[/quote']

just realised buddy, would of had to quit a world which i cant do now il look out for ec's in the future. good luck with the gameworld though

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Re: English Championship 28257 - JOIN NOW!

All my transfers are done and I'm very pleased with our squad. Only two players from the original Everton are still there, Lundstram and Barkley. Got a very good starting XI, one that can hopefully compete for the title and a good reserve XI as well with some very good talents. Here's our starting XI:


As I said very pleased with the team, strong in all aspects. Especially happy with our defenders. Managed to bring two amazing fullbacks in Alba and Piszczek and we've got one of the most talented players around in Varane along with Bayern's best defender and arguably the best defender in the Bundesliga this season in Dante as well. Everton will be led onto the pitch by none other than Varane who's been given the captain's armband.

This is our reserve XI:


Again very happy with this as well. We'll have plenty more options as well as we've got plenty of youth risers who'll get good rises and they could make it into the reserve XI as well. Examples are Bruno who should get a rise of 8 or 9, Heintz who'll get at least a +5, Yannick who should be getting a +5 to 83 and these are but a few. All in all very very pleased with my squad.

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