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Abuse On Ingame News Feed

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First off, I want to point out that no members if sm should have the right to abuse another manager, with or without the use of abusive languages, because they are moderator.

Before moving on in the issue, I would like to tell you all a little about me. I have been banned a few times (circa 3) from the forum. I am not better than anyone here, and that I am not a good person. But this does not and should not explain a moderator abusive action toward another member. I literally do not not care if they accuse me of doing something, which I did not, without evidence. But using abusive languages towards me is not okay, and should not be.

This is the story.: I'm in Gold Memberchampionship 308, where a moderator here in the forum is also participating. His name is Alen Kurtic. So in the past couple days, he is been torment my life within the game, accusing me of cheating, using multiple account (which is ridiculous), threaten me of losing my account, and turning all the managers against me. But this is not where the problem is. He is also using abusive languages towards me, attacking my family, telling me to go screw them. He also called me idiot, stupid, and jerk. He is totally abusing his rights, both as a manager and moderator.

Futhermore, I submitted this to SMFA, and their response was that they can discuss another user membership with me. What a hell of response is this? I made a complaint that I am been abused, and this the answer they give me.

Lastly, I would like to ask this question: Why are SMFA so inresponsibld in chosing the moderators? Why there is no further action taken toward their accounts, when it comes to the context of abusing another member? This sad because SMFA don't even do nothing about it. Even sad, this post will be deleted, or even resulting in getting my account t suspended, just for complain, and show how unfair this game is.

The evidence of Alen Kurtic been unfair, and abusing his right:


I hope SMFA takes this serious, and prove their worth,

Shareef "Patriković" Ala-Barüz

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: Moderators Thread

Hey Patricovic, a few things.

1 - I've edited your post to remove the expletives.

2 - moderators/translators are forum only. if anyone who is blue or orange interacts with you in game then they are not representing their moderator powers in any way, shape or form.

3 - there is no excuse for ANYONE to give out the sort of abuse that is shown in your image, and unfortunately this is becoming more and more common in news feed posting and something that SM needs to look into, I understand your anger at this issue and hope that someone at SM takes all appropriate action

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