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Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only

Justin X

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Its is always said that football isn't just a game, its a business also. Its absolutely correct. Football is much more than a game. Its a legacy, a company, a dream. In 2009, UEFA was fed up of clubs getting bankrupt due to overspending money on various contents. So, UEFA decided a 38 pages rules book which are called Financial Fair Play Rules & Regulations. Now we are not going to follow them but there will be some rules for fair play.

New Additions

1. Sponsors=Sponsor will give be valid for a fixed no. of seasons. They will include cash money provided to transfer budget and a player compensation like if Ronaldo player scores brace, 1M will be added to Transfer budget or a team compensation like 2M for a 4 matches winning streak.

2. 30 players to be submitted that will play in the league. No other player will play in league

3. Introduction of Transfer Clauses=Release clause, Buyout clause, Buy back clause.

4. Not fulfiling chairman's requirements may result in adding of rules that are for loss to chairman like less transfer budget.

Other Rules & Features

1. Every season teams will be given a specific transfer budget & wage budget.

2. Every season teams will be given 4 expectations from their board failing to fulfil which will result in an increase in next season's expectations number by 1.

3. Any team breaking the rules will be punished.

The Final Verdict

So this Game World will prove your managerial skills and by managerial skills we mean economy part of the club also. The aim of a manager here is to make his club wealthy and strong. Can you do that? Lets see.;)

Interested Participants

1. Ozzy - Genoa - Toyota

2. Slbquista - SC Internacionale - BWin

3. Gozzy - Basel - Carlsburg

4. Tofu - Spartak Moscow - Gazprom

5. Zlook Vulk - Stuttgart - Carlsburg

6. Jose Nowinho - St. Ettienne - Etihad

7. Justin - Cruzeiro - Allianz

8. Venk - Stoke City - Jaguar

9. Closer - Atalanta - Toyota

10. Patrick.FCB - Real Betis -

11. Sunnyskeg - Swansea City- Etihad

12. Istiantorini - D.C. United - Samsung

13. Qualix - Monchungladbach - Carlsburg

14. Mia San Mia - Real Sociedad - Etihad

15. Keith Fitz - Twente - Etihad

16. Giggsy Supporter - Feyenoord Rotterdam - Jaguar

17. PWND - Hannover 96 - Toyota

18. Ashish Dabral - Werder Bremen - Toyota

19. Rubbafish - JEF United - Audi

20. Vitor mfc - E. Frankfurt - Volkswagen


1. BrunoPinto90

2. Indgy

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Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only

List of Sponsors



1. 3 seasons deal.

2. 7M cash/season.

3. 4 defenders of rating 86 above.

4. 1M for ever defender giving rating of 10.



1. 5 season deal.

2. 20M cash/season.

3. Change the name of stadium to Allianz Arena.

4. Club shall have top rated player of 89 and stadium should be of 60k capacity.



1. 4 season deal.

2. 18M cash/season.

3. Must have 3 asian players.

4. Stadium capacity must be 55k .



1. 2 seasons deal.

2. 19M cash/season.

3. Every post should include our logo as signature.

4. Must have 8 Italian/German players.



1. 2 seasons deal.

2. 17M cash/season.

3. Name the stadium as Emirates stadium.

4. Stadium capacity 70k required.



1. 5 seasons deal.

2. 12M cash/season.

3. Top rated player shall be 90 or above.

4. 8M for a 5 match winning streak.



1. 1 season deal.

2. 7M cash/season.

3. Logo as sign in every match report.

4. A 2M on every match where top striker scores brace and 4M for hattrick.



1. 5 season deal.

2. 11M cash/season.

3. Change team name as Red Bull .....

4. More than 10 youths in the team in the beginning.

5. 6M more next season for finishing in top 3.



1. 5 season deal.

2. 14M cash/season.

3. Team must have 5 players above 88 rating.

4. 2M for every cleansheet in 3 games.



1. 3 season deal.

2. 15M cash/season.

3. Stadium capacity should be 70k .

4. 2M extra for buying rising youths.



1. 2 season deal.

2. 9M cash/season.

3. 6 players above 30 year old.

4. 3M if a 30 year old defensive player scores goals.



1. 4 seasons deal.

2. 8M cash/season.

3. Should have 11 youth players.

4. 5M for making a youth academy.



1. 2 seasons deal.

2. 20M cash/season.

3. Club of East Europe with atleast 4 Russians.

4. Chairman criteria success rate decreased by 15%.



1. 3 seasons deal.

2. 12M cash/season.

3. Must include a sign in every match report.

4. Buy 5 Asian players.



1. 5 seasons deal.

2. 10M cash/season.

3. West European teams with 7 players above 87 rating.

4. 3M for 6 match unbeaten run and 1M addition for every 2 match unbeaten run increment.

Pleaase pick one sponsor for your team. Note that your team fulfils all the requirements of the club. One sponsor can have more than one clubs assigned to them. However, it is not compulsory to pick a sponsor.

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Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only




1. Board feels that Genoa is unable to stamp their name on Italian football. Thus the board wants you to invest in 2 non Italian players of rating between 86 to 88. Wages upto 33,000.

2. Board feels that there are way too many players out on loan thus you can only do 4 transfers this season.

3. Average wages cannot exceed 18,500.

4. Cannot buy a player whose wage is more than 35,000.

Transfer Budget=4M+19M+Sales

Wage Budget=620k



1. The board expects you retain at least three of your stars (Ter Stergen, Malpa, Luuk De Jong and Xhaka and Hermann). As these are hot properties in Europe thus you must secure top two spots in league or win the cup to retain them next season.

2. The team boasts it youth talent so you cannot buy a player who0„30…4s age is more than 27.

3. Board feels that Daems is not a suitable captain and must be sold. The new captain must win at least 3 of the first 6 games or will be sold too.

4. The board feels that loss of Marco Reus led the team to failure in the Bundesliga this season. Thus board wants you to sign another superb striker.

Transfer Budget=5M+10M+Sales

Wage Budget=600k



1. Basel have highly impressed all on the European stage. The Chairman expects you to qualify for Europe this season.

2. The Board expects you to buy 2 Swiss player ofrating between 85-89 with wage not exceeding 30,000.

3. Mohamed Salah and Marco Streller have been great for Basel and can010011 not be sold. Salah due to hisgrowing popularity must start 75% of the total League games.

4. Must have at least 6 players in your youth team.

Transfer Budget=5M+10M+Sales

Wage Budget=540k



1. As the team hails from major league soccer the board allows you to have three players above the wage of 37,000 as league rules.

2. You are expected to buy a player playing for English team of rating between 87 and 98 and must be 30 or above in age.

3. You cannot sell home grown players i.e Ethan White and Bill Hamid.

4. The board wants to see at least 3 United States Players on the pitch all time.

Transfer Budget=4M+18M+Sales

Wage Budget=520k



1. The Board feels that the club can take Asian football to new heights thus you can sign only 3 non Asian players this season.

2. Board feels that the club needs some big names to attract popularity thus give you to buy Kagawa and his wage won0„30…4t be included in the budget however his transfer fee will be dedusted from transfer budget.

3. Average Wage should not exceed 16,000.

4. You can0„30…4t buy any player above 87 rating other than Kagawa unless he is 30 year old.

Transfer Budget=3M+9M+Sales

Wage Budget=500k



1. Board members and fans feels the lack of Germaness in the club and want you to sign two top German player of rating between 86 and 89 of wage limit of 34,000.

2. Cacua time at Stuttgrat has been fantastic but Board feels that the forward is aging thus you must not start more games than Harnik and Ibisevic.

3. Stuttgrat has been consistent in Cups thus the board expects you to reach the quarter final of the cup.

4. Average Wage budget of your team should not exceed 16,000.

Transfer Budget=4M+10M+Sales

Wage Budget=570k



1. Interest for Aubameyang is hard to shrug off. Thus any bid from club which is twice his CV value must be accepted.

2. Board has allocated a special slot for a player due to the loss of Aubameyang. Thus the board gives you a wage limit of 35,000 to buy a forward of rating of 88 or 87.

3. Board feels that a highly talented squad is living under the shadow of other big spending clubs. Thus the board wants you to qualify for Europe (SMFA Shield or Cup)

4. The financial situation of the club is tight thus average wage can't exceed 14,500.

Transfer Budget=4M+14M+Sales

Wage Budget=530k



1. Atalanta name not big enough to attract big names thus no European player above 88 rating will join the club unless they play for a Serie A side.

2. The Board feels that it is too early to allow the new manager to given a give war chest of only 8million to be spent. But additional 5 million will be added if you manage 3 wins in first 5 games.

3. The future of the club can be build on youth foundation thus all signing will consist of under 25.

4. The period of the club when it was lead by Cristiain Vieri was a wealthier period for the club and the board insist you to sign a loyal veteran player who will lead the club glory.

Transfer Budget=3M+19M+Sales

Wage Budget=510k



1. Real Betis returned to Spanish top flight after much struggle. Thus the board does not want thetean to finish in the bottom three in you division.

2. Board feels there the team lacks some quality players thus you must sign two non Spanish youth players of rating 84 to 88 with their wage not exceeding 30,000.

3. The Board feels the squad size is too big than needed and the wage bill is a big one thus you must maintain team of 27 players.

4. Average Wage should not exceed 20,000.

Transfer Budget=3M+14M+Sales

Wage Budget=510k



1. Must buy at least one player from Spain or The Netherlands, his Rating must be between 86 - 88 and wage cannot exceed 37,000.

2. Board expects you to reach the semi finals of the cup this season or else finish in top 4.

3. The board wants to see a youth team to ensure a future for the club. They are therefore giving you 4M to use on two players who are 21 or younger;however they must be from either England or Wales. The money will not come out of your budget.

4. Michu is now an icon of the club and can not be sold in any case. He must start all the games when he is fit to play.

Transfer Budget=5M+14M+Sales

Wage Budget=590k

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Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only




1. The chairman has added a release clause to Bargfrede's contract of 10M.

2. The loan deal of Kevin De Bruyne has been fantastic. The board wants to see such a talent in the club. So they have asked you to permanently sign De Bruyne.

3. Your assistant has analized the team performance and he looks that the club needs to have a veteran centre back. So you will have to sign a CB aged above 30 and waged below 30k.

4. The team has not been in the form they used to be a few years ago. So they have a big hope from you and expect you to finish in top 5.

Transfer Budget=8M+18M+Sales

Wage Budget=520k



1. Leandro has attracted many clubs worldwide and shall be sold if 40M value is reached.

2. The chairman is unhappy with what has happened with Pato and wants you to sign him from Corintians.

3. You need to cut down your players list. However the likes of Mike and Otavinho seems to be talented so they can't be sold and must be loaned out.

4. Keep average wage below 13k.

Transfer Budget=5M+12M+Sales

Wage Budget=550k



1. You can't sell Kevin Trapp, Jung, Schweigler, Rode and Meier as they are loyal performers of your team.

2. You can not spend more than 8M cash on a single player.

3. You can loan in youths but only Germans.

4. Average wage shouldn't be more than 15k.

Transfer Budget=5M+8M+5M(youth)+Sales

Wage Budget=570k



1. Your chairman has added a release clause over Sobiech and Huszti of 1.5M their Chairman Value.

2. Chairman wants you to loan in 3 youth players.

3. Mame Diouf and Schmiedebach can not be sold as they are the icon of Hanover.

4. Renew contracts of all players whose contract ends within 3 seasons.

Transfer Budget=6M+18M+Sales

Wage Budget=540k



1. Your club's squad size is too long. You must cut it down to 33 players.

2. Romulo, Kallstorm, Jano, Kombarov, Bochetti, Pareja are your key players and can not be sold out.

3. Your team lacks a good goalkeeper so you are asked to buy a new goalkeeper rated above 88.

4. With the likes of clubs like Anzhi and Zenit having a world class striker, your chairman has asked you to buy a world class striker rated above 90.

Transfer Budget=4M+20M+Sales

Wage Budget=650k



1. The chairman has asked you to buy a Dutch winger rated above 88.

2. The board expects a top half of the table finish in the league.

3. The board has asked you to renew the cotract of 3 players for 4-5 seasons whose contract ends in 2 seasons.

4. The board expects less signing from you and insist that you must bring player on loan rather. So you have to keep 3 players loaned in all the time.

Transfer Budget=5M+14M+Sales

Wage Budget=580k



1. The club has a very strong line up of promising youths and they all needs to play games to be a part of this team. So if any youth can not feature in your plan must be loaned out. Remember you can't sell any youth.

2. Board has asked you to buy 2 centre backs rated above 87 and waged below 25k.

3. The board looks that there is no reason to hold Graafland. So you have to sell him.

4. Average wage of the team should never cross 18k.

Transfer Budget=6M+12M+Sales

Wage Budget=600k



1. Edu wants to leave the club so you need his replacement. The player can be rated above Edu's rating and should be a player that covers all of his positions.

2. Edu wants to leave the club. Your chairman has transfer listed him already. So you must sell him.

3. The chairman wants you to construct a youth academy of British players.

4. Renew the contracts of all the player whose contract ends after 2 season. Renew their contract to 4-5 seasons.

Transfer Budget=7M+12M+Sales

Wage Budget=600k



1. As the club has promising youths with the likes of Griezmann, the board would like to say that if you sell any player aged below 24, he must be sold with a buy back clause.

2. The board feels that there is no use of keeping Llorente and you must sell him before he grows too old to be sold.

3. The duo of Vela and Griezmann has proven a deadly partnership for the team. Thus they must play 80% of the matches.

4. The team is weak in the Right Back position so you must buy a RB rated 86-88.

Transfer Budget=4M+14M+Sales

Wage Budget=590k



1. Since we have a big sponsor and the revenue needed in building the new stadium lowers down the chairman allotment of money. So this season your chairman will give you just 2M for transfers.

2. Dagoberto and Dede are 2 vital players for the team and can not be sold.

3. Since the club has a new reputation and a good quality of players too, the board would like to see your team mounting serious tittle/promotion challenge.

4. The club do not have a quality winger so the chairman insist that you must buy a quality winger rated above 87. Remember that his wage is below 28k.

Transfer Budget=2M+20M+Sales

Wage Budget=500k

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Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only

To be honest i'd like the original teams like we did on original version as i'm still in love with my Basel and i'm sure everyone who was in the original version will want their old club aswell. The remaining spot for manager who weren't in the original version then can be decided by random draw

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Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only

Interested :)

I would prefer like always a video draw. The managers of the original FFP should not be able to get the same club here(if they want) IMO. They already have them there why not a new challenge in here? But either way you guys decide i would be happy to take any club :).

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Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only

I should get to pick my team first and whatever happens afterwards doesn't matter B)

In all seriousness, as a new participant I'd obv prefer a completely new random draw but I also understand the old guys wanting to take their previous club again as I'd probably want to do the same if i was in their shoes. So you choose whatever you think is best. I am happy just to take part.

Edit: I'd prefer to use known European clubs instead of English Championship teams for example.

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Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only

The reason the managers from the original FFP should be allowed to keep their old clubs, is because the challenge hadn't been completed.

It had only just begun.

If new teams are going to be selected, then ok have a random draw.

But if the exact same teams from the original FFP are going to be used,

then we should keep our old clubs.

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