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Match Engine, Any chance?

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Maybe Im losing it but this is becoming an absolute joke.

I took over Aston Villa

finished 5th- team average

finished 19th

promoted finishing 2nd

Win the league in first season after promotion

Now 4 games to go 18th and in danger of being relegated

My team is probably in the top 3 squads in the game, and have tried several tactics

Hart, Courtois

Alba, Vertoghen, Kompany, Yanga, Nastasic, J.Martinez

Carrick, Gundogan, Vidal, Hamsik, Pogba, Verrati

Bale, Neymar, Reus

Falcao, Lewandowski, Negredo

Plus the fact that Falcao cant even get 10 goals in 3 seasons is embarassing, not much point in having good players when the likes of Seydou Doumbia and getting 20 a season!!

Sort it out SM surely thats what we pay our money for!

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Re: Match Engine, Any chance?

From my experience, SM doesn't recognize individual players. The important measure is the 'Team Average Rating' of your starting XI. In that sense, Messi + ten 90 rated players is the SAME as eleven 91 rated players.

Also, the top scorers is not about who is better in general. It is relevant to each squad and manager tactics. Scenarios to have a top scorers in SM would be:

1. If a player is considerably higher in rating than other 'attacking' players in your team.

2. If you play attacking style all the time.

3. If you always select the same player as 'Target Man'.

4. If you choose your 'Target Man' to also play 'Penalties' and/or 'Freekicks'.

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