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Blackburn Rovers EC 8457

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Well I got bored of just Gold Championships and Customs so I decided to do this for a challenge, I've got a decent budget but a bad squad. Hope you enjoy Reading this and please don't post on this would like to keep it looking neat, if you have any tips on how I could make it look better just drop me a visitor message :)

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Re: Blackburn Rovers EC 8457


Shocking News

Today Blackburn Rovers have announced the Young but experienced Manager Ciaran McEvoy as their Manager who they hope will lead them to a very successful future, He has been told by the board that he has a medium sized transfer budget and to use it wisely in order to help the team benefit from it.

McEvoy spoke to Sky Sports News earlier on today about his new Role.

Well when Blackburn Approached me I had to think long and hard about it, what I could do with the club, mine and the boards aims if they were realistic and capable, transfer wise, transfer budget. I took all those into account and then my decision was pretty obvious, it's gonna be a challenge but every manager has to love a challenge every so often so I'l lenjoy my time here.
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Re: Blackburn Rovers EC 8457

Transfer rumours at Blackburn

Blackburn Rovers look set to shock a lot of clubs around the world as Germanys next biggest thing Marco Reus has been spotted in Blackburn as both teams Blackburn and Chelsea look set to agree to a deal in the coming hours, Christian Eriksen, Alaba, Zouma, Ter Stegen, Luke Shaw, Lucas Fernando, Benteke and Varane are just a bunch of names flying around supporters mouths.





If Blackburn were to land the following four players they could very well be a force to be reckoned with, a promising young keeper destined for greatness, a World Class center back who has showed what he is capable of, A young brilliant Attacking midfielder who has top notch passing and out of this world vision, Then finally Marco Reus who has showed the World what he can do and has a big name all over now for his well renowned speed, clinical touch, amazing finishing, skills and just an overall great team player, If Blackburn pull this off you just have to feel sorry for the rest of England!!

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