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Lewis Macleaod - Rangers' New Hope

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As a lot of you will probably know this season Rangers after liquidation had to start again in the 4th tier of Scottish football. One of the few positives that the fans could take from this situation was that we might be able to give some more playing time to players in the youth team and develop a new generation. During the course of the season no fewer than 15 players aged 23 and under have had playing time this season but one has stood out more than the rest, introducing Lewis Macleod.


Lewis Macleod

18 Years Old

72 SM Rating



Lewis has a variety of strengths which have made Rangers young player of the year. First of all his passing, not only does he have the ability to consistently find his target but he is very good at playing passes quickly, keeping the ball moving quickly. During his injury in the second half of this season it was clear when watching Rangers that he was a huge miss as he had such a great influence on the team while only being 18 years old. Another quality which separates him from most other players is his energy. Often in the third division especially when playing at Ibrox, opposition teams will tire towards the end of the match. Lewis will often manage to exploit this with incredible runs when everyone else is tired, usually getting from a deep position to the opposition box for a goal scoring chance.


It's difficult to know yet what SM will do with the ratings at Rangers but I think they could bring him up to the 77 mark which is similar to that of other players with less playing time. However SM may wait until Rangers climb the leagues a bit more(this season they have won the league and will be in the third tier next season). Either way I think this guy is easily good enough to play in the SPL already. He's only 72 and will have a low wage so if you're willing to be patient I would recommend you sign him.

EDIT: Forgot to add that he also has a cap for Scotland at U21 level.

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