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Which is the best League in the World?


Which is the best League in the World?  

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Re: Which is the best League in the World?

I only replied because the only reason you pointed to Ligue 1 be the best was' date=' [/quote']

No it wasn't. I had backed that in two posts for various reasons to which this was just one little added detail. Pay attention before responding.

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Re: Which is the best League in the World?

Where in Portugal ALL was indifinite with two games to go. What's unusual( in the top leagues this year at least) and very exciting because every "battle" will be decided by a detail.

When I say exciting' date=' I am referring not to the quality of the football, but to the [b']uncertainties that clubs have[/b] and the fact they will have to play with calculator in the one hand and a radio in the other, listening to the other games to know what happens and to make calculations of their life.

The uncertainties that the clubs have in Portugal are extremely small because everything plays on 2-3 place difference. Uncertainties are high when teams can end up in large scale of positions throughout the season. The uncertainties are extremely low for Porto and Benfica, for example, who only decide the winner between each other, being sure to finish in a direct CL qualifying position, able to play their reserves whenever needed. The title itself is of little importance: after winning some 30 times, who is counting? Upper table teams know early on that they will not be fighting for maintain. The uncertainty only concerns the possible EL place, for almost all the CL spot becomes unacheivable soon enough, and for the 2 teams to which it is achievable, the uncertainty reads "will we finish 3rd or 4th". That's not a massive uncertainty.

However, the point was, as you would have known had you read my posts, how exciting and unpredictable are 1) the individual matches, 2) the league as a whole. If the matches are very uneven, then there is little interest in watching the league or gambling on it. Easy as that. That is the most important factor in the internal competitivity that was discussed and with regard to what I claimed Ligue 1 to be the no. 1. The question is, when you start watching a match between title challengers and a team scrambling for league survival, will it be competitive? Will you know the result in before hand and just comfortably sit in your chair, sipping beer and enjoying the training of the top team, or does the top team really have to fight for the victory? Is there a real and often actualizing chance that the bottom-of-the-table club beats the bigger club? Is there any suspense in the match, and does the suspense hold for long? Or is it gone before the match even starts, which is the case of almost every match of the Portuguese top tier.

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Re: Which is the best League in the World?

The only way the Premier league will become #1 top dog league on the planet is when Liverpool win their 19th league title.

When Liverpool is not the top dog from Britain, British football in general suffers huge crisis' as history has shown, as Liverpool is the heart and Soul of British football.

As long as the greatest ever club from Britain, keeps mediocring 7th spot positions, then English football falters, as every other British club, looks up to Liverpool (With puppy dog eyes), in terms of respect, history and revolutionising how to play football.

Liverpool is very nearly ready to become the dominant force in British football, but until then, My vote goes to Bundesliga and Eredivisee.

Premier league in a solid 3rd/2nd position for now. B)

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Re: Which is the best League in the World?

Thank God Dastardly is banned. Thank God. What an idiot.

on the basis of this poll' date=' i find it laughable not the 18-20 people have voted the Barclays Prem, because that's understandable with all the PR and marketing involved with it,

[b']but that someone actually voted for Serie A!!! hahahaahhaha. Serie A????

Is someone majorly trolling there?? haha!!

Who enjoys sitting back and watching a predictable 1-0 match, that isnt even considered a well thought, top-defending chess-like match? Boring 1-0's?? Reallllly??[/b]

I voted for the Serie A as I have a strong affection to it as much as you guys love the EPL, Bundeslgia, Ligue 1, Russian League, Dutch League, La Liga and etc. I love the Prem too as I grew up watching alot of it and Its definitely the most popular league in the world.

If you didn't grow up watching the Serie A , I can understand why some people find it boring. I'm not going to judge anyone on that but to call it trolling just ticks me off.

In fact, the Serie A has gotten way more attacking now. Just look at the amount of teams with 3-5-2 or attacking fullbacks in Calcio now. Maybe I'm a bit of a bore but I love seeing players run up and down the pitch as wingbacks and bombard defenses. Plus I like tactics and Serie A is really enjoyable tactically. I don't really see us having as much top quality defenders before such as your Maldini's, Nesta's, Cannavaros, and Zanetti in their prime. Bundesliga has taken over our spot but that's to be understood as It truly has gotten stronger.

Plus other than Juventus, Calcio has gotten alot even now. Teams such as Milan, Fiorentina, Roma , Udinese, Lazio, Inter all make it really interesting. The smaller teams in Serie A have also gotten stronger and closer to the bigger teams as well. :)

Only thing that hinders Calcio is racism, and match fixing scandals.

If we take statistics into account' date=' it would appear that during this campaign, teams are now less profligate and more prolific than recent years: With an average of 2.7 goals per game, this season is due to be more goal-laden than the previous five years (it’s worth bearing in mind that with only 220 of the 380 games played, that figure may yet fluctuate).

In addition, the most common scoreline this season, so far, has been 2-1: Over 10% (24 to be exact) of games have finished in such a manner. Last season the most fashionable scoreline was 0-0 (11.6%), the year before that it was 1-0 (13.2%) and then it was 1-1 (13.2%) during the 2009/10 campaign.

In 2008/09, it was again a miserly 1-0, with a whopping 15.5% of games ending in such a way.

So as the goals-per-game ratio surpasses 2.6 for the first time in the last five years, it’s clear that Serie A teams are throwing caution to the wind and shaking off their defence-centric heritage.[/quote']

Just some statistical analysis of how Calcio is becoming more attacking wise :).

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