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Lordy -RBA-

Beckham retires age 37.=

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Well known former-England internation David Beckham has jacked it in, retiring age 37. He is the first English player to win 4 titles, in 4 different countries. He won a grand total of 28 cups with clubs, but none with country :P


1993–2003 Manchester United 265 apps

1994–1995 → Preston North End (loan) 5 apps

2003–2007 Real Madrid 116 apps

2007–2012 Los Angeles Galaxy 98 apps

2009 → Milan (loan) 18 apps

2010 → Milan (loan) 11 apps

2013–Paris Saint-Germain 9 apps

National team

1992–1993 England U18 3 apps

1994–1996 England U21 9 apps

1996–2009 England 115 apps

PL - United

La Liga - Real Madrid

USA - L.A. Galaxy

Ligue 1 - Paris St. Germain

What do you think of his career? Best English Outfield player?

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Re: Beckham retires age 37.=

A national hero. One of my favourite players of all time and I wish him well with whatever it is he does after football :)

It should be Sir David Beckham if you ask me. I fully respect all of our Olympic/Paralympic athletes, but how some of them were knighted for Becks I'll never know.

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Re: Beckham retires age 37.=

Oh my word, sixes and sevens!!!!

David Beckham has retired.

The news has only filtered through to me. I was flabergasted when first hearing this.

Unbelievable Jeff...

Greatest RM England ever produced, greatest crosser England ever produced, greatest set-piece specialist England ever produced.

Good luck to Beckham when he becomes a football pundit.B)

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