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DnA Season 3 - Auction 4


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DnA Season 3 - Auction Pot 4

Javi Martinez (Milan)

Ramos (Atletico)

Ledesma (Barcelona)

Gotze (Gladbach)

Cazorla (Everton)

Alba (Juventus)


Shirokov (Marseille)

Ibrahimovic (Santos)

Sturridge (Lyon)

Hamsik (Napoli)

Only players from managed team that participating in auction who can be bought in auction.

Format to do the auction

Player - Price

Example : Messi - 200m

The auction will be closed on Friday, May 17th 9P.M GMT Time

Forum time is the reference so no excuse we all have difference watch/computer who shows different time

The bid at 9.00 PM will be counted, the bid at 9.01 PM won't be counted

How to change your forum time into GMT Zone

Just go to User CP-->Edit Options--> On Date & Time Options you can change your Time Zone into "GMT(Western Europe Time,London,Lisbon,Casablanca)" and then you will no longer have any doubt what time is it right now at GMT
White text bid won't be counted. If you don't break any official rules but majority managers think you're using a trick to benefit yourself during your auction, ANY OF YOUR BIDS for ALL PLAYERS for the auction in that round won't be counted

You can only raise the bid minimum by 500k, so you can't bid 8.2m if someone before you bid 8m. You must at least bid 8.5m

You CANNOT bid for your own player

If no one bid for your own player in auction,you can keep him or sell him to external

You'll be given maximum 1 week since the end of auction 6 to bid according to your offer when you won the auction (if the player isn't TB'ed).

If the player is Transfer Banned,the player won't count in either of seller or buyer squad cap. The player must be sold as soon as his TB end

Ex : Messi from Barcelona bought by Liverpool for 60m. Since that time until he moves to Liverpool,Messi won't count into Barcelona squad and he can't play at any Barcelona games

The squad cap is 33 player. You cannot sell 3 players in auction then winning 5 players in auction that’ll make you have 35 players. You need to use that 1 week period to get spaces in your squad or you’ll lose chance to buy 2 players that you won in auction

You CANNOT Withdraw your bid during the auction or editing your bid(s) after you make an offer. If you are caught doing that,all of your offers for that round of auctions won't be counted

Happy bidding

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