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Prove yourself!(Please read)

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Well, as everyone on this forum is very competitive, I've came up with an idea to give us a little more insight into who is the best!


After looking through Division 4 of an English Championship, Bradford City have the healthiest balance. So I therefore set it to you to take Bradford CFC to the top. Get them promoted from a managerless Division 4, and then begin to climb to hopefully England's top tier.

So how does it work?

Well, I will leave this thread for all who wish to apply to leave their name. I will look at the final list on Sunday night, and from the week commencing 1st October each person who has signed up will take a Bradford CFC in a different EC during that week.

Why should you do it?

Well its good finding young prospects and seeing them rise. Its also good when you are competing against other forumers, and more importantly doing better than them. It is very challenging working with a very tight budget, and trying to stay in the black.

So, fellow forumers, if you are up to it, leave your name here.

And a Transfers/Match Reports thread will be made also.

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Re: Prove yourself!(Please read)

1 - Are u taking this challenge?

2 - I would love to join.

3 - Can i join in the next EC made as i want to start the challenge as soon as?

Great idea m8 and i will enjoy the challenge i hope u are doing the challenge and it should be fun count me in. :)

1. Of course! :)

2. Great! :D

3. Please wait until next week.

I know its a fantastic idea(:P) and you can't wait to get started, but if everyone joins roughly at the same time, then the ends of the season will also be at the same time.

Its great that you're joining. Anyone with a free space, take up the challenge.

Come on! :)

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Re: Prove yourself!(Please read)

I'd like a go please if there's still space available. :D

Great idea btw, also it would be great to compare my management skills and put them to the test against seasoned pro's like bobo etc. To see how we all compare. Also if possible, everyone who does take over a BCFC to do almost like a journal on how they feel over the course of the season, as well as the aforementioned match reports and team news

Should be great. Also I would refer this thread to the devs at SM and see if we can get it in the blog and try and get people following our progress. Think it would make a great article and a good example of us in the forum community doing something different and fresh and contributing in another different way.

Good luck to all who take the challenge :D

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Re: Prove yourself!(Please read)

If someone could pass it on to an SM Dev, that would be fantastic. I was hoping it would really take off, with lots of forumers joining. But obviously all of the older forum members don't fancy it. But fair enough, however, you don't know what you're missing!

There will be a Transfers/Match Report thread made next Monday afternoon. I, repeat I, will make the thread!

Now have seven forumers:



Mad Leprechaun

Nathan Kirby

Ricardo Kaka



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Re: Prove yourself!(Please read)

Think there's real mileage in it and like I mentioned earlier is something different.

Wouldn't know personally how to go about getting a dev involved and seeing if theres anything that interests them but I'm sure that a more experienced forum member whether participating or not will be able to point us in the right direction.

Not sure why the more experienced members aren't going for it, there's still time yet though!! COME ON YOU OLDIES!! Maybe they're scared that the young upstarts like myself will show em up (I'm hoping that goading them will help!! :P )

Will certainly make a change from Barca and Man utd, am quite looking forward to it :D

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