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Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc.


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Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc.

After a tough title race all season long in a surprising competitive Division 2 with some very strong sides, Bradford managed to secure their third succesive title following in the tradition of some of the others who have accomplished the feat on this thread. The season started off poorly with back-to-back defeats and it looked like the side were in for a rocky road and long season ahead, but results began to really turn 4 games in and the goals began to flow as in the previous seasons. Only 3 further defeats in the league followed for the rest of the season and a run of 5 games unbeaten in the run-in following a loss to runners-up Plymouth which had left Bradford second (and wondering about even their promotion chances with other sides in the mix-up) confirmed the back-to-back-to-back championships.

EC 659 - Season 3

Div 2 - Final Table

Pos..Team..................... P...W...D...L....F....A....GD...Pts

..1...BRADFORD CITY.......38...23..10..5..120..50..70...79

..2...Plymouth Argyle.......38...23..6...9...76...47..29...75


..3...Aston Villa...............38...22..9...7...74...45..29...75

..4...Sheffield Wednesday.38...21..5...12..72...52..20...68

..5...Coventry City...........38..19..11...8...61...45..16...68

..6...Blackburn Rovers.......38..18..13...7...74...39..35...67



Current Strating Line-up

Ten Rouwelaar

Wes Brown


Fabio Aurelio

Jermaine Jones







Other notable under 22 players

De Silvestri




Sergio Busquets







Balotelli....................................amongst several others

Player of the season

Unsurprisingly was the highest rated, Huntelaar. A record of 35 goals and 25 assists coupled with an average rating of 8.78 and 16 MoM performancesmade him the stand-out in the league.

His record for Bradford now stands at a remarkable 70 goals, 45 assists and 29 MoMs with an average rating of 8.95 in 64 games over the last two seasons

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Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc.

For my first post and first update in this thread click here.


After those first 6 games, these were the results in the League...LINK

Here is the League Table at the end of the season...


As you can see we won the league, scored the most amount of goals, conceded the least amount of goals and achieved the highest goal difference.

We conceded on average 0.95 goals per game and scored 2.97 goals per game.

English Cup

After I beat Barnsley I was drawn against Norwich City whom I played away. Unfortunately, I lost 2-0. To be honest I wasn't surprised by this score, my squad wasn't ready for Championship opposition and it didn't help that I didn't change my tactics from my initial attacking for League 4 sides.

English Shield

The first round was a bye for us and in the second we were drawn against Premiership Middlesbrough. Once again, we wer'ent ready for the game adn once again the wrong tactics were used and we lost 3-0 away.


Transfers In

Transfers Out

I couldn't have made those signings and money without forumers, so I thank all for that.

Some lovely statistics...:D

On average I paid £414,000 for a player, however, the average value is £2,000,000 and I paid £27,300,000 for all 66 transfers in but now those players are worth £134,200,000.

In regards to the transfers out I sold 10 players who were worth on average £1,400,000 but I received on average £1,600,000 and their total value was £14,600,000 but I received £16,800,000.



Youth Squad

Loaned Out

If you don't count the 4 players who are in my senior squad because they can't be put into the youth squad the average rating of my squad is in fact 83.62.

I think I've got a fairly strong squad who I expect to get stronger into the new season with the average rating increasing to at least 84 for the whole senior squad and 86 for the first XI.


For every game of the season apart from my last, I have used the traditional 4-4-2 with short, attacking football using the wings. However, since the introduction of the new tactics and arrows I've decided to use the formation below.


...and I use the below Team & Player Instructions


I'll update at the end of next season, hopefully, I'll have won the league again and do better in the Cups.

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Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc.


Haven't had chance to post on the forum in a long while, very busy these days but my Bradford are by far my favourite team, 3 consecutive titles and now in the top division, team coming on well! Link above will show squad and such, Jagielka also set to join later today!

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Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc.

anyone has any updates?

my bradford is at turn 30 of season 2 and will be facing man utd in the shield final next week. We were knocked out by the scums at the same stage in the cup by penalties :rolleyes:

planning to buy eto at the end of the season to fire my way to div 1. Currently top div 3 and should win the league with ease.


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Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc.

Time to update my bradford city from EC1451 :D

After two seasons, Bradford city has been promoted twice, winning div 4 and div 3 with ease. Also, the highlight of season 2 was defeating Man Utd in the finals of the cup and going out to the same team on penalties in the semi finals of the shield.

Season 1


Season 2


Current Senior Squad


The obvious aim would be to win div 2 and div 1 would be exciting. Low on funds after purchasing huntelaar and maicon.


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Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc.

Current Senior Squad


The obvious aim would be to win div 2 and div 1 would be exciting. Low on funds after purchasing huntelaar and maicon.


Your teams insane mate, i have a big Bradford youth team but i need to buy some 89s and 90s

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Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc.


I have just completed the fourth season of this challenge, and I'm in no doubt that my Bradford City are my favourite club on the game.

After three successive promotions, I knew that Division One would be completely different, and much more difficult.

After a blistering start to the season, wherein Bradford City lay top after the first 5 games with 5 wins out of 5 games, including an amazing away victory at Anfield, Bradford's form wavered. Winning runs were never extended long enough to get a good enough lead at the top of the table, and the inconsistency as well as a poor end to the season led to a respectable 5th place finish, behind league winners Manchester United, runners-up Arsenal, surprise package Middlesbrough and consistent Liverpool.

Bradford City finished the season on 62 points, 12 points behind champions Manchester United, and only 2 points behind 3rd placed Middlesbrough, as well as winning half the league games played. The season's stats were as follows:

P W D L F A GD Pts

38 19 5 14 71 64 7 62

Analysing the stats, I can see that I probably let in too many goals to win the league, which is probably down to my attacking formation of 3-4-1-2. Despite this, I won't be changing this, as I enjoy attacking play, and the players I've bought suit this system.

As well as a 5th placed league finish, I guided Bradford City to the English League Cup, winning on penalties in a tense final. Overall, a pretty successful first season in Division One, which will be hard to better, especially with the gap in income between Bradford and teams like Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool.

Throughout the season, I added to my squad in order to sustain my wavering title challenge. The players I brought in were mostly young players of promise, most rated below 90 in order to save on wages, who are likely to rise above and beyond this rating in the near future. I funded this through the sale of other players, most of which for massive profits for what I brought them in for, such as £16m each for Augusto Thiago Neves and Ruben De La Red, both of whom were orginally bought for much less.

My Division Two promotion winning squad from last season can be seen via the following link:


My cup winning, 5th-placed Division One finishing Bradford City squad is:

First Team:


  • Rodriguez Diego Lopez 27 90 (P 38, AR 6.82)
  • Pedro Rui Patricio 21 87 (P 0, AR 0.00) - Signed in close season for £2.8m + Dos Santos Renan
  • Andres Sergio Asenjo 19 87 (P 0, AR 0.00)


  • Niklas Moisander 23 85 LB/CB (P 0, G 0, AR 0.00) - Loaned to Sheffield Wednesday for season
  • Diego Godin 23 90 CB (P 30, G 3, AR 6.67)
  • Javier Gonzalo Rodriguez 25 90 CB (P 3, G 0, AR 6.33) - Signed late in season for £3.9m + Nicolas Bianchi Arce and Konstantin Rausch
  • Fabiano Santacroce 22 89 CB (P 27, G 3, AR 5.97)
  • Buss Henrique 22 88 CB/RB (P 4, G 0, AR 6.00)
  • Dirk Marcellis 20 88 CB/RB (P 5, G 0, AR 4.80) - Signed in mid-season for £7.7m
  • Domenico Criscito 22 88 CB/LB (P 0, G 0, AR 0.00) - Signed late in season for £8.8m
  • Gerard Pique 22 88 CB/DM (P 14, G 2, AR 6.79) - Signed in early season in straight swap for Martins Marcelo Moreno
  • David Wheater 22 87 CB/RB (P 30, G 0, AR 6.40)
  • Mobido Diakite 22 77 CB (P 0, G 0, AR 0.00) - Signed late in season for £600k


  • Andres Guardado 22 91 LM/W (P 33, G 6, AR 7.24)
  • Marek Hamsik 21 90 CM (P 32, G 2, AR 6.38)
  • Axel Witsel 21 89 CM (P 3, G 0, AR 5.67) - Signed in mid-season for £11m
  • Marouane Fellaini 21 89 CM (P 0, G 0, AR 0.00) - Signed in close season for £3.4m + Franco Zuculini and Kevin Pezzoni
  • Zdravko Kuzmanovic 21 89 CM (P 9, G 0, AR 5.78) - Signed in early season for £3.1m + Jonathan Urretavizcaya and Santo Alex Texeira
  • Claudio Marchisio 23 87 CM/DM (P 4, G 1, AR 6.50) - Signed in mid-season for £225k + Luis Chico and Gomes Fernando
  • Domingos Willians 23 80 CM (P 0, G 0, AR 0.00) - Signed in close season for £1.5m
  • Andres Iniesta 24 95 AM/CM (P 3, G 0, AR 7.00) - Signed in late season for £13m + Miralem Sulejmani and Gonul Gokhan
  • Honorato Ederson 23 90 AM/LM (P 9, G 5, AR 7.00) - Signed in mid-season for £4.6m + Jose Mane
  • Juan Manuel Mata 20 89 W/F (P 17, G 2, AR 6.35) - Signed early in season for £13.6m
  • Theo Walcott 20 89 W/F (P 14, G 1, AR 6.43)
  • Antonio Luis Valencia 23 88 W (P 0, G 0, AR 0.00) - Signed late in season for £5.7m


  • Ezequiel Lavezzi 23 90 F (P 33, G 20, AR 7.18) - Signed at start of season for £11.3m + Telmario Dinei and Carlos Eduardo
  • Giuseppe Rossi 22 90 F/AM (P 2, G 1, AR 8.00) - Signed late in season for £14.1m
  • Mauro Zarate 22 89 F (P 14, G 4, AR 7.14)
  • Perez Bojan Krkic 18 89 F (P 27, G 9, AR 7.56)
  • Mounir El Hamdaoui 24 88 F/AM (P 0, G 0, AR 0.00) - Signed early in season for £800k + Sebastian Rajalakso and Washington Camacho

Youth Squad

  • Aly Cissokho 21 82 LB/CB - Signed in close season for £3.9m
  • Valdez Efrain Juarez 21 83 RB - Signed early in season for £250k
  • Carlos Rincon 21 77 RB/CB
  • Mamadou Sakho 19 87 CB/LB
  • Mats Hummels 20 86 CB
  • Jonny Evans 21 86 CB - Signed in mid-season for £6.7m
  • Sierra Ivan Marcano 21 84 CB/LB - Signed in mid-season for £200k + Jose Schaffer
  • Guillermo Burdisso 20 76 CB - Signed in close season for £700k
  • Alfredo Matias Martinez 21 72 CB - Signed in close season for £40k
  • Eli Zizov 17 71 LM/AM
  • Aaron Ramsey 18 84 CM - Signed in close season for £6m
  • Lukas Vacha 19 76 CM/RM
  • John Bostock 17 74 CM
  • Miralem Pjanic 19 87 AM (P 3, G 2, AR 7.00)
  • Toni Kroos 19 85 AM - Loaned to Blackburn Rovers for season
  • Henrique Renan Oliveira 19 84 AM/F
  • Marcelo Lulinha 19 82 AM/F - Signed late in season for £2.9m
  • Patricio Rodriguez 18 76 AM/F
  • Mauro Formica 21 75 AM/F - Signed in close season in straight swap for Bruno Eduardo Ere
  • Marcelo Burzac 21 70 AM/CM
  • Santos Willians Santana 20 83 W/AM
  • Victor Moses 18 80 W/F
  • Marko Arnautovic 19 85 F - Signed in mid-season for £850k
  • Milton Caraglio 20 80 F - Signed in close season for £2.3m
  • Henri Saivet 18 75 F/W
  • Costa Barbarouses 19 66 F
  • David N'Gog 20 82 CF - Loaned to Middlesbrough for season
  • Duje Cop 19 76 CF
  • Fabian Castillo 20 75 CF - Signed in close season for £400k
  • Yannis Tafer 18 74 CF - Signed in mid-season for £225k

*Note - Players highlighted in red are those bought for investment purposes (i.e. Bought until ratings increase to generate more money by selling).

*Note - Players highlighted in blue are those who left the club during the season in part exchange deals for other players.


Ezequiel Lavezzi couldn't stop scoring for Bradford City since his summer switch from Napoli

In a season of major transition, there were two consistently outstanding players in the team. These were Ezequiel Lavezzi and Perez Bojan Krkic. This was possibly because the strikers were the only position in the team, aside from the goalkeeper, who were really settled and played week in, week out. Lavezzi, a new signing at the start of the season, was the main goalscorer in the team, with an impressive tally of 20 goals in 33 games, bettered only in the division by Goran Pandev of Tottenham Hotspur, who got 1 more goal and playing 4 more games than Bradford's Argentinian goal machine. As well as goals, Lavezzi provided an incredible 18 assists, meaning he played a pivotol role in over half of the team's goals in the season.

However, it was Bojan's all-round game that has earned him the accolade of Bradford City's Player of the Season, for the fourth straight season. In his 27 league games, Bojan chipped in with 9 goals, meaning a handy goal ratio of a goal every 3 games. He also set 8 goals up, but it was Bojan's overall work rate that earned him the Player of the Season award, often providing a much needed link between midfield and attack, which was reflected in his average performance rating of 7.56. It is thought, however, that Bojan will have less of a role to play in Bradford's second season in the top flight after Giuseppe Rossi joined the club, with Bojan set to play more of an 'impact sub' role, as manager Tom Mills believes the pressure that has been put on Bojan since his signing four seasons ago has hampered his love for the game, and that competition for places will lead to Bojan becoming even better.


Manager Tom Mills wants Bojan to enjoy his football again

Next season, Mills is hoping to consolidate Bradford City's position in the upper reaches of the Division One table, and perhaps make a more sustained push on bringing the title to Valley Parade.

The manager believes it is all about consistency, which he knows will come with a settled starting line-up. In hindsight from last season, he can see that by rotating his players in order to keep them fresh, he stopped the spine of the team gelling, and this led to some indifferent performances. However, he now believes he knows his best eleven, and thinks the world class quality that Andres Iniesta brings to the team could make a real difference between this season and last season, and allow his midfielders to concentrate on helping their defence concede less, as the former-Barcelona man has the quality to win a game all by himself, even at the very top level.


Andres Iniesta: "The difference between 5th and 1st place for Bradford City"

As for future changes to the squad, Tom Mills has already added numerous young Argentinians at the end of last season and the start of this season, for the purposes of much needed additional finances.

He believes that the squad he hasat his disposable already holds the quality and potential needed to go all the way, and with restricted finances he knows he can't really add many more players without the wage bill becoming to high, therefore he has encouraged fellow managers in the set-up to take some of the fringe and youth players in his Bradford side on loan, to give them much needed game time and take some of the strain of the increasingly large wage bill that comes in the hunt for success.

Four players that will be joining the Yorkshire club in the immediate future all fit the title of future stars and fringe players, so will be offered out on loan to other managers for the coming season. Juan Forlin, the future of Argentina's defence will be joining for a fee of just over £5m, money Mills believes is more than well spent. Fellow Argentine youngster Nicolas Gaitan, compared by many to Juan Roman Riquelme, is also set to join Bradford tomorrow from Boca Juniors, for a bargain price of just under £2.5m. Young Brazilian holding midfielder Francisco Fernando, who has been impressing for FC Porto, is also set to finalise a deal tomorrow, in a deal which sees £1.25m plus Niklas Moisander move the other way. Finally, Givanildo Vieira Hulk, the 22-year-old Brazilian attacker is on his way to the English top flight, a league which should suit his style of play, for a fee of £1.5m plus Santos Willians Santana from Tokyo Verdy.


The Brazilian Hulk's physical approach should suit the English style of play, and promises to be a real fan Valley Parade.

All thats left is to wait and see whether Tom Mills can do the ultimate, and guide his already successful Bradford City team to become Champions of England, from the depths of Division Four, in only 5 years...

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Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc.


After seeing such a good post from Smoggie Tom i decided i would have to post about my Bradford City side aswell because they are also my favourite team on the game by a mile and i think its most certainly a story worth telling.

After winning Division's 4, 3 and 2 in consecutive seasons Bradford City have moved into the top flight of English football under Deveney's guidance full of confidence, knowing that they possess the quality to cause more than a few upsets in their opening season in Division 1. The first team and youth squad at Bradford has changed dramatically over the past three and a half seasons with Deveney wheeling and dealing regularly in the transfer market to bring in the best possible players for his side. The half way point of the season (Turn 19) has been reached for Bradford and despite a shaky start in the top tier which included four consecutive defeats to Portsmouth, Aston Villa, Leicester City and Manchester City, Deveney's men are now unbeaten in 11 league games including the notable scalps of Manchester United (3-2, H), Tottenham (3-0, H) and Blackburn (4-0, H). This leaves the Bantams in a lofty 3rd position in the league at the midway part of the season, trailing the Footballing giants of Liverpool by 5 points. City have fallen in both domestic trophies this season already with tough draws resulting in losses in both the Cup (2-5 Away at Liverpool, Round 3) and the Shield (1-3 Home to Arsenal). This does not worry Deveney too much in his quest for silverware, as he saw enough promise from the young guns of his second team to know that they have the quality to win things in future seasons at Bradford.

The current playing staff at this point in time are found at this link, along with previous honours:

Bradford City

Deveney has managed to bring in some superbly talented players in his time at Valley Parade and the current first team squad is packed with quality.

The average rating of the first choice 11 is 91 and has an average age of 24, with the two standout performers coming in the shape of Amauri and Trochowski, as well as Mutu who has only been at the club for four games thus far. The youth squad is also brimming with potential for the future, with the likes of Santon, Rafael, Dzagoev and Balotelli waiting in the wings along with many others.

In terms of news of the transfer front, i am looking to sell Michael Rensing after his rises at Bayern to make a hefty profit, and as well as this Portugese midfielder Miguel Veloso should soon be sold before his drop in rating as he hasn't been having the best of times recently. The ideal replacement for Deveney is Fernando Gago, but this could be tough to negotiate so only time will tell on whether the Argentinian starlet will join the club.

I will update again at the end of the season to see how i finish in my first season in the top flight, enjoying this job immensely and very proud of what iv'e done with the club as of where they started. Cheers! :D

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Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc.

After destroying Division 4, Division 3 has come as quite a shock.

I currently manage Bradford in a EC which isn't very active, in fact I think there are no managers in my division and it has a game world rating of just two stars.

Despite this, I'm not doing very well in the league, I'm 4th after 17 games with 29 points 10 behind 1st.

My squad is very strong compared to other teams in the league but I just fail against the unmanaged 4-4-2:(, won two in the last 6 games, lost 3 and drawn once...


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Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc.

Just finished my first season in Division 1 after 3 successive promotions and I was at one stage on for a possible 4th straight league title :eek: before a dip in form at the end dropped me to 6th.

An amazing season for the side with wins against all of the big 4, with the highlight being the side being top of the table after the 23rd game. Unfortunately, the side suffered a dip in form in what was a tight league with 6 sides always within a few points of each other at the top (at one stage late on the top 6 were separated by 2 points :eek:) and despite a late revival a defeat to Wolves who were in the mix for the title, late on condemned my side to 6th.

Partly through lack of time :o and partly through my personal preference, I've stuck to the buying young and holding onto players rather than a buy-sell cycle and this is reflected in my squad with only 10 of my 48 players being aged over 22 (of whom 3 should be on their way soon :)). Star performer continues to be Huntelaar who has now scored 93 goals and made 54 assists in the 94 games of his Bradford career at an average rating og 8.47. But the vast majority of my players have been on the playing staff since the first season :)

I'm quite hopeful that a number of my youngsters will make the step-up to regular first team football with their clubs in real life, so I can concentrate on acquiring a good young keeper and at the same time keep a hold on the tight purse-strings since the gameworld economy improvements have come in. Looking to go one or two steps better next term and realistic title challenge in a couple of seasons when the youngsters blossom :P

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Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc.

Hows everyone doing' date=' if anyone is still doing this?


Only a year late with this response :D

Still have my Bradford in EC659. Yet to win the Division 1 title but I've come close on a few occasions :( . Been in charge now for 366 games. Can finally boast a starting line-up of 90+ rated players :) :










L. Gonzalez








De Gea







Posting today as yesterday I won the SMFA champs cup with my side :D . Just need that elusive Div 1 trophy now, but there's a couple of very strong sides in my league who keep getting in my way :o:P

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Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc.

Hows everyone doing' date=' if anyone is still doing this?


I took over a Bradford City in EC 2016 all the way back in 28 Sep 2008 and still manage the same team, love this team, although there is no competition in league, it did revive my love for SM.

Currently half way through my 12th season,

This is my squad


Here is my club records


Trophy cabinet



The only thing that eludes my is some European honours:o

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