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Spanish Ratings

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Re: Spanish Ratings Here are my thoughts on the Sevilla ratings. Please bear in mind that this is my first attempt at predicting rating changes, so it might not be 100% accurate. I’m mainly doing thi

Re: Spanish Ratings My Predicted Real Changes Casillas 96-96 M. Salgado 89-88 Pepe 92/93 Sergio Ramos 95-95 Fabio Cannavaro 96-96 Marcelo 89-90 (even 91 if lucky) Royston Drenthe 88-88 Heinz

Re: Spanish Ratings Yes. He has to get 90' date=' it would be a really bad mistake on SM's part if he were to stay on 89. Not too sure. He has a shot at 89, but theres more of a chance that he'll

Re: Spanish Ratings

pablo- 90>91

mata 91>92

jesus navas 92>92

I disagree.

Pablo has been puke for and ended the season on a poor note. Also he missed oit being in the Spain Preliminary Squad

Mata has not had a great season that would call for a immediate rise IMO.

Navas just finished his best season, in terms of consistency & form.

Pablo 90 - 90/91 (70%stay/30%rise)

Mata 91 - 91/92 (70%stay/30%rise)

Navas 92 - 92/93 (40%stay/60%rise)

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