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Spanish Ratings

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Re: Spanish Ratings

Higuain will get 92 IMO. As for Gago going to 93? If he gets that' date=' then Carrick getting it should be a walk in the park.[/quote']

Thats true ken, carrick has been exceptional for United this season. I personally havent seen Gago play yet, but i've heard he's been Reals best player? But carrick should get 93 is Gago does.

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Re: Spanish Ratings Yes. He has to get 90' date=' it would be a really bad mistake on SM's part if he were to stay on 89. Not too sure. He has a shot at 89, but theres more of a chance that he'll

Re: Spanish Ratings

Just a little background info: (La Liga stats this season so far)

Rafael Van Der Vaart, 21 Apps (10 starts, 11 subs), 4 Goals, 5 Assists. Last goals: Hatrick Vs. Sporting Gijon (Real Madrid 7 - 1 Sporting Gijon) September 24th. Last Assist: Vs. Athletic Bilbao (Real Madrid 3 - 2 Athletic Bilbao) October 26th, Rating 94.

Not going too well for the Dutchman, hasn't played a full match for Madrid since the 7 - 1 demolition of Sporting Gijon back in September, hasn't even made an appearance in 2 games in La Liga but still probably deserves that 94, don't think he's played badly enough to go down, so I think he deserves to stay at 94 but if SM are being harsh then maybe 93.

Wesley Sneijder, 17 Apps (14 starts, 3 subs), 2 goals, 0 assists. Last Goal: Vs. Recreativo Huelva (Real Madrid 1 - 0 Recreativo Huelva) November 22nd. Rating 94.

Wesley Sneijder after a good Euro campaign with Holland, many expected him to excel this season, hasn't really happened and his lack of any assists whatsoever is worrying but his overall contribution to play and the fact that he's still playing for Real Madrid and Holland regularly means he still deserves 94, in my opinion.

Fernando Gago, 17 Apps (17 starts, 0 subs), 1 goal, 6 Assists. Last goal: Vs. Sevilla (Real Madrid 3 - 4 Sevilla) December 7th. Last Assist: Vs. Sevilla (Real Madrid 3 - 4 Sevilla) December 7th. Rating 91.

Might just be playing because of Mohammedou Diarra's injury, but he has given Juande Ramos something to think about once Diarra is fit to play. Has impressed me every time he's played and if the the other 2 (Sneijder and Vaart) deserve their 94 then this guy deserves a 93.

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Re: Spanish Ratings

He will not rise' date=' poor player, and he has minutes, not using them. The guy above me is a cule, honestly did anyone see his games against atletico and others, this guy is poor. No rise for him.[/quote']

I did think a rise wouldnt be likely. I was more expecting someone to say he will go down. Saw him do that nice assist against athletico but also saw him finish dreadfully.

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Re: Spanish Ratings

Guddy will rise to 90-91. He is regular in Barça and he's doing his work well.

What barca team have you been watching? "Guddy" has only played a tiny role' date=' mainly playing in cup games and coming on for the occasional league game, usually when you've already won it!

He'll drop if anything

Thats nonsense, gago is as good as Carrick in their respective positions, Premier league bias tells me that you guys comparing Gago to Carrick don't even watch Gago play.

On technical ability, Carrick is better than Gago. Gago is, IMO a 93 midfielder though. So is Lass.

I think a fair one would be - Carrick 94, Gago 93 and Lass 92/3. (At the end of the day Carrick has to be given a bit extra seeing as United are dominating, and he's an integral part of that).

However, I don't see those ratings happening. I think this time round it'll be Carrick 93, Gago 92 and Lass 91 which is unfair.

Also if Higuain doesn't get at least 92 I'll murder the internet.

Oh and I've come round to your view of Raul to 96, he's been great in this latest run of yours.

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