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||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld


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Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld

Goodmorning people I woke up!

:D Peace In. Wow I never expected this to be so successful. Good then! :D

1. Istiantoroni

2. slbquista

3. olivier 1

4. Closer

5. RPR

6. Uëë_Tobias

7. hdixit

8. iAwesome

9. Gozzy

10. Vendetta

11. IanoLudz

12. ~ José Nowinho ~

13. arcimo89


1. Venkrontrueblue11

2. Justin X

3. CiaranMc


5. King Roo

6. Jono6895


8. gonich_losova

9. ZllokVulk

10. Young Boy

11. brunopinto90

12. tim janssen

I never really imagined so many people will be up for owner ship! :D

I will modify and make all rules clear today........... Like the sound of this :D


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Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld

Topic for Discussion


Budget of each club will be decided by the owner and will be in the multiple of 5. Though the gameworld will start with the starting amount of 200 million, the owner will have to pay SM credits to decide the teams budget.

The Cost will be

5 Million = 50 Credits


As the Financial Fairplay comes into account each team is maximum allowed a budget of 40 i.e the owner can spend a max of 400 SM credits on budget. Remember there will be no punishment for going past your budget but the owner will have to pay 100 Credits for every 1 million exceeded from the budget.

Sales will count towards your budget.


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Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld

as an owner there must the possibility should exist' date=' if he / she wishes to make available more budget each season on top from the club there income, as an extra, but again a limitation each season.

if that option does not exist, I personally feel that this 40 million is not enough.

As a good family man, I want to build a buffer, in my team where appropriate, the necessary funds can be taken out, subject to a payment from credits, but also limited in budget per season, if there is need to a extra , for you never know who to buy..that special one...that option must be possible...

Start whit 40 million ? ..is more than in the normal GW..but not enough i think als a 1x time budget ( see at As Monaco give out 150m in a few days for 4 players, and still buy others players, don't say won't to spend 200 million , but won't to have a buffer )...but think is maybe also better to bring in a restriction on buying players,a limiet each season you can buy... and even a squad limit.[/quote']

I do not think squad cap or number of transfer should be there. See we will start the gameworld with 200 or 300 million in the bank. The the owners must pay to get a chunk out the bank balance as the seasons budget and the max allowed will be 40 million. The rest will stay in the bank as buffer. The next season the same will follow. And yes If suppose i buy 40 million for my manager to use and he spends only 25 million then the rest 15 million will carry on to the next season. Plus transfers etc will ensure cash flow :)

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Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld

What about the other things' date=' what teams, how they are chosen, how many clubs, how many div, concerns on or off, SMFA on or off,the economy, normal ,rich or poor..etc...as the owner, you will perhaps be allowed to choose your favorite team and not another video draw ..where you end up whit a team you really do not like that is a possibility but I do not know how many teams are in and more or less in proportion, so surely everyone on a equal start ...

I know that many peoble choice all the best teams out there only for the best players,....and know you will choice Chelsea...:D..

But what are your real favorite team, which club you do go see weekly ..in real life and not on TV ?

A LIST FROM THE TEAMS ? ( fc porto is a lose case now, moutinho, james ,atsu all gone, and even defour will not stay ..after hulk, alvaro, quarin ..lol the start good and whit a +500M in the account , but no players )[/quote']

Haha no random draw mate. There will be bidding for clubs mate.

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Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld

Indian Rajputs to invest in football?

The Maharaja of Udaipur Shri Arvind Singh Ji is about to shock the world as he's going to buy a club in the Rerum Natura league. He aims at buying one of the world's most biggest club from England, Spain Germany or Italy.


On the launching of Jaguar Showroom at Udaipur City, Maharaja said that he'll be investing in a club. The Maharaja is also thinking about landing an Indian manager to that club.

We'll get some more news as the Royal people takes over a Royal club.

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Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld

So Can you please post the conditions to be an owner or a manager ??

And did you take into consideration my idea of making a new account for owners so that all clubs will be funded equally and the GW gets more competitive , imagine ones with thousands of golds and others with a few tens .

Peace out B)

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