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top 5 rap songs

Guest lil wayne

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Re: top 5 rap songs

I like rap music' date=' also grime now aswell :D

Here is my list of favorite songs :)

1) 2pac - Life Goes On

2) 2pac - Unconditional Love

3) Warren G & Nate Dogg - Regulate

4) Dr Dre - Still Dre

5) 2pac - Changes

Could go on forever with 2pac songs, just a legend tbh.

Some of 2pac lyrics are just deep ;)[/quote']

Where you been :eek: Missed ya buddy.

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Re: top 5 rap songs

I like Grime too :P

Roll Deep - Heat Up

Griminal - Jammer Diss

Roll Deep - Badman

Chipmunk - Who are you

These are my fav GRIME songs ;)

Sparky I heard you like 2pac? ;)

I like him too ;)

And Sam, I had GCSE mocks, been revising.

My mate does a bit of mc'ing, so I got some of his songs ;)

I like Chipmunk, heard a song of his on one extra, can't remember what it's called though, I will get my mate to send me it then post it :o Ironik is another I like as well, and Tinie Tempah.

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Re: top 5 rap songs

MY Myspace for grime from my bois ;)

First Sanka track background is cool,

Green Bandannas? That's what we wear here in Greengate;)

Green bandannas all day.....!

"No, it's not ready that long,

Greengate Greengate got many shanks on

No we don't care where any mans from

Man in the ends got Semi straps on"

Nice to see more people flying that bandanna :P:D

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