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I don't usually struggle but..

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I just can not get my Real Madrid team to perform!!:mad:

This is my starting 11 plus subs below, playing 352!









Di Maria



SUBS : Szczesny,Sakho,Dominguez,Paulinho,Oscar,Ayew,Damiao

Tackling : Normal

Mentality : Normal

Passing Style : Direct (Mixed at half time)

Attacking Style : Down Both Flanks (Change to mixed at half time)

Tempo : Fast

Pressing : All over

Counter Attack

Use Target Man


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Re: I don't usually struggle but..

You are bypassing your midfield way too much with that tactical setup. My guess is that you are not controlling the games enough in terms of possession, and that's why you are losing.

For starters you should not be using "Normal" mentality with Real Madrid. With that squad you have one of the very best in the game, and usually the other team should be worrying about you not the opposite. You can possibly move to "Normal" or "Defensive" when you are away to Barcelona, Bayern or Manchester United, but other than that you should be "Attacking" at least 80% of the time.

If you look at your midfield, not only do you have 5 bodies in your formation, but you also have two of the best players in the business: Ronaldo and Fabregas. Yet when you set your team up with Normal mentality, Direct passing, Fast Tempo, Counter-Attack and Use Target Man, you are basically getting rid of the ball and moving it up to the other end of the park as quickly as you possibly can, without really imposing yourself on the game. The beauty of the 3-5-2 is the possession play it allows in midfield, but your tactics are set up to avoid this kind of play so there's a mismatch going on.

Lose the "Target Man" instruction. Only use this if your Target Man is noticeably better than all your other offensive players, which neither of your forwards are in this case.

Move to "Attacking" for the bulk of games. Move to "Short" passing for the bulk of games - this will get your midfielders more involved in play, and they are good enough to dominate in this respect. But use your brain too; for example, if the opponent is using 3-4-2-1 and pressing All Over, then you could really catch them out further up the park with Direct passing.

Formation and Attacking Style are up to you to figure out and adapt based on your opponent. Let me be clear: you are NOT reacting to them and worrying about their strengths, but you are more concerned with "How will I hurt these guys today?" E.G. if he's playing 3 at the back, you may want to be getting him Down Both Flanks. If he plays flat 4-4-2 with no arrows, he has a lot of protection in wide areas and you may want to hit him through Central Midfield instead where he only has two bodies.

Good luck ;)

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Re: I don't usually struggle but..

Thanks for the help!! And yeah you were right' date=' i was being outplayed by opposite teams through possession!

What about tempo, Normal or Slow for keeping possession?[/quote']

Generally I try to link Tempo with Mentality, so:

Attacking & Fast

Normal & Normal

Defensive & Slow

I'm not sure the game is sophisticated enough to build a kind of tiki-taka style attacking game. I think Tempo on SM works more like "time-wasting" from the FM series in a lot of ways. But you can try and see.

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