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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0


-Succesful pre-season means Ajax are screwed-

Looking forward to the season starting tomorrow! Should mean that Ajax is swept aside with a 7-3 victory after 4 goals from Matavz and 3 from Lens (BOOYAH) ... Either way, I'm in dire need of a formation change and will field an entirely new starting XI for the game tomorrow night!

Worst of luck Noisy! Let's hope this ends like our last FIFA game (5-4 in favour of me with a goal in fergie time ;) )


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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

Preseason form includes






Too early to make us favourites for the title? Start off the season against Tottenham

Whats happening with the friendly comp?

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

well this is what's been going on with fc utrecht in pre-season


nothing too spectacular, just glad to have no red blocks, and the longer i can keep that up the happier i'll be(prolly get stuffed 6-0 now in opening fixture:D)

oh and yeah kinda hitting a brick wall in regards to bringing in a new forward so if anyones interested transfer listed tommy oar

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

In All Honesty didnt have a great Preseason:

1-1, Sassuolo; James Ward-Prowse

1-1, Nottingham Forest; Jay Rodriguez

1-1, SV Sandhausen; Jay Rodriguez

1-1, Chelsea; Emmanuel Mayuka

3-1, Ebbsfleet United; Arshavin x3

5-0 York City; G.Ramirez, M.Schneiderlin, J.Dos Santos x2, F.Anderson.

AZ 0-2

0-0 Benvento

Opening Game Vs Stoke City.Starting XI:


Due to that Gazzaniga deal being reversed I couldnt sign a FC in time so Arshavin is to play as FC until i get one, hopefully not to long after season start.

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0


Dan James steered FC Utrecht to victory against Heracles Almelo.

FC Utrecht outclassed Heracles Almelo and beat them 4 - 2 in a thrilling Division 1 encounter.

Kovarik scored a brace and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

Bulthuis and Cyriac were also amongst the goalscorers.

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0


-Matavz the difference as PSV trumphs rivals Ajax-

And so, tonight the season finally started! PSV was up against fierce rivals Ajax ... and took em on at home infront of over 35.000 spectators!

Whilst PSV fielded a perfect 4-4-2 (diamond) against Ajax's moronic tactical choice, the managerial battle raged on climaxing in the PSV gaffer sticking a dirty sock under the runny nose of the Ajax gaffer and scream FIRE! ... Sources from inside the Ajax encampment has later come out stating that the Ajax gaffer never recovered from this stroke of genius from PSV Gaffer Bishop.

Elohim (Forum) steered PSV to victory against fierce rivals Ajax.

PSV beat Ajax 1 - 0 in their Division 1 fixture.

Matavz scored the winner for PSV and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

Matavz bagged the one goal and even had the chance to score another but a missed penalty put an end to that saga and instead, Matavz went on to score the winner in the 50th minute after a perfect pass from new Brazil striker Honorato Nilmar ... Ajax proved Blind in finding the goal (lol) so the one goal was enough and Ajax showed what they're capable of this season (nothing *cries with laughter*


As shown by the stats above, what can be seen is that our midfield (Strootman) did not link up well enough with the CBs and thus caused alot of the shots on Tyton (who picked up his first clean sheet of the season) and there something really needs to be done! Captain Derjick got a 8 in match rating and that's quite impressive considering we played against Aja ..... HAHAHAHAHAH (soz, couldn't keep a straight face!)

Zenit in the Champions Cup is up next, bring it on ye filthy Russians!


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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

Winning Start For Southampton


Stoke City 1-2 Southampton


Goals From Maya Yoshida and Jens Hegeler on debut were enough as Southampton dominated Managerless Stoke City. Yoshida opened the scoring in the first minute of the game, with lanky Stoke striker Peter Crouch equalising 10 minutes later. Hegeler scored what proved to be the winner on 36 minutes. With a bye in the cup, the same team could be named for the next game, Home vs Aston Villa, before the tough run of games comes with; Everton, Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal and Spurs the following fixtures.

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

Wolfsburg's lackluster form continued with a 0-0 home draw to Hamburg. Despite dominating possession and creating heaps of chances, strike duo Helmes and Dost were unable to capitalise on Diego and Granero's dominance in the centre of the park. however, a positive to take out of this game was the robust defense, marshalled well by the beast Naldo

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0


-Game 1/34-

So, the first game of the season came and went ... a few teams won, a few teams lost and a few of the nuggets managed to get a draw and end up in the middle of nowhere!

Get your latest Eredivisie news and gossip right here! ;)


What can be seen from this is that from 18 teams, only 14 were able to score in their first game of the season (Nerves playing a part maybe? Or like in the Ajax Gaffer's case, a dirty sock). Nevertheless, to the 14 teams that did score, kudos ... you're off to a better start then the 4 that dinnae score a thing ... even if you lost your respective games, you're still better


Out of the forum managed teams Ajax and SC Cambuur-Leeuwarden we're the only ones that did not manage to score, making up for a massive 50% of the teams that couldn't get a goal (more shame on Ajax then SCL since Ajax has the far superior team ... tut tut Noisy!

Anyway, onto the tables now, 1 game played, 33 more to follow, here's how the Eredivisie looks after game 1.


What we can see here is that unmanaged NEC goes top after a massive whopping of the managed Go Ahead Eagles wich leaves them sitting 1st on GD. With 7 forum managed teams following in the top 10 (quite a decent start to the season for us forumers). If we look to the 2nd placed team we have Feyenoord who is under management from the Gothenburg-native Patrik 'Preppens' Olsson ... Who so far is doing quite a good job with his team (tho looks can be deceiving

;) ) In third we've got FC Twente who is under management from Mr.Hdixit! A fine job he has done smashing his opponent in the opening game!

Now then, onto today's "Special" ...

-Team of the Turn-

Dunno what to call this section really ... "turn" isn't really a word I'd chose but in the lack of a better one this'll have to do (unless one of you can come up with a better word?)

So yes, the TEAM OF THE TURN ... and today, this goes to ...


I am in no way bias towards myself here, but looking at all the other matches, PSV was the team who went up against the toughest opponent and managed to beat them. Mind you we had our noses in for a 2nd goal but Matavz burned that penalty!

But for the future, and since this is the first time I'm doing this, here's a shorter explanation of how this particular section works.

A team can only be eligeble for the "team of the turn" if said team goes up against a managed team and puts on a good performance (does not need to be a win, can be a lesser team losing to a better team but putting on one hell of a fight for example.

-Player of the "turn"-


He had absolutely no competition this turn! Being that young and performing on the level that he did, simply amazing! Feyenoord has found themselves a golden nugget right there! And with 2 goals and 1 assist in 1 mere game, I think It's safe to say ... Feyenoord might have a secret but deadly weapon in Massimo Bruno!

(Feedback is appreciated)

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