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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

Dylan Krupilis has parted company with FC Utrecht after the manager decided that they have done all that they can for the club.

Bit dissapointed to see us lose yet another Utrecht manager! Will be on the prowl for a commited Utrecht manager now.

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0


-Game 4/34-

And so, the 4th turn came and went ... and my oh my there were some real changes in the table! Ajax dropped a MASSIVE bomb on poor SCL! And then we had the usual ups and downs ... Feyenoord continues to dissapoint tho!


And here we have it! proof that last turn was the "Turn of the away teams" ... Holy hell ... 2 draws and a whopping 7 away wins! That's absolutely insane, I've never seen anything like this before!

But the standouts this turn was deff Ajax who scored a whopping 7 goals after shoting 49(

:eek:) shots, and with a 69% in possession ... that's absolutely mental Noisy! KUDOS! Out of the 7 goals you had 6 different goalscorers, with Pabón being the only one to score a brace! Pabó-who?! :P

But in defence of Machine and his SCL ... it could've been double-digits had it not been for the fantastic goalkeeping of Scotsman Craig Gordon!

The only team that was even close to competing with Ajax last turn was FC Groningen under the guidance of Danny Van Hecke (I'm quite sure I've seen him active on the forum in the past ... haven't the foggiest nowadays tho?!?) but anyho, he took his Groningen and travelled to Breda ... where they demolished NAC Breda 4-0!

Groningen-starlet De Leeuw scored a brace and lead the charge against NAC leading them to Groningens 2nd straight 4-goal win! (last turn they beat me and my PSV 5-1 -.- ... Idno what he's told his lads but they've been overperforming lately!

If we go on, we find that my very own PSV lost against a well-managed Vitesse under Dougie House! A late Bon(e)y brace sees Vitesse beat us 2-0 and devastate our hopes of climbing higher in the table *sobs*

Bony scored his 2nd and 3rd goal of the season against me ... I'm actually quite surprised personally that he hasn't really scored more so far ... Granted, we're only 4 games into the season but still ... I could've bet good money on him bagging atleast 5 thus far before the season started!

The worst thing for me about this game is the fact that we had em outplayed from start to finish ... 21 shots in total with 13 on goal ... yet Vitesse scores 2 on 6 shots! Good game mate! You lucky muppet!

And then we go on to FC Utrecht's victory over PEC Zwolle! Hckyfreak3's last game in charge (still dunno why he left but I already have a replacement lined up in CiaranMc). Quite a decent 3-1 win over an unmanaged team who really hasn't been that bad so far this season!

Kampl opened the scoring in the 10th minute before Kara added to the talley in the 34th! A bit of excitement came after that as Zwolle scored their first (and sadly only) goal of the game in the 36th minute! It took Utrecht til the 68th minute before they could kill the game off with Kara's 2nd goal of the night wich made it 3-1.

And then we have FC Twente who managed to beat a very limping AZ side under ashtini!

A very entertaining game *coughs* ... a massive 11 shots on goal (and that's a combined total from both teams ...) I must say this was probably the most boring game all season (and there's been 36 games so far Kudos lads!)

Nothing , nothing , nothing and then BOOM! starting in the 75th and ending in the 83rd 2 goals were scored and the game was won :P I'm sorry lads but that was honestly a snoozefest :P

So in short, the losers last turn was SCL,PSV and AZ ... but my oh my ... SCL was ABSOLUTELY HAMMERED! Jesus H CHRIST!


After all these away wins we had 3 forum managed teams left, and they were Feyenoord,NEC and SC Heerenveen! Neither of these teams managed to get away with more then 1 point after drawing in their respective games!

New NEC manager TomDeakin steered his lads to 1 point against the hugely dissapointing Feyenoord! But in all fairness Preppens ... you should've bagged atleast 2 goals! (not to mention the 1 goal you had that was offside

;) ) but yeah, overall, Feyenoord was the team that owned this game ... but at the end of the day, neither had it in em to win it ...

And finally then, we have Mr.Justice and his almighty SC Heerenveen!

They took on unmanaged RKC Waalwiijk and here we must have the luckiest manager in the entire setup! Because .... unmanaged Waalwiijk OWNED the entire damn game against Heerenveen! And to top it of ... Heerenveen ONLY managed to fire off 2 shots at Waalwiijk (and luckily for Mr.Justice ... both were destined to go in). But yeah :P could've just as easily have ended in a devastatin loss for Heerenveen and that would've been quite a bad thing :P


And here we have it lads! The new table *party party* and what we can see here is that last turns 3rd,4th and 5th placed teams each climbed 2 spots! Wich leaves us with FC Twente sitting 1st (kudos hdixit).

Hckyfreak3 managed to steer Utrecht to 2nd before leaving the club (shame that really as he was doing a good job) and then FC Groningen places their bums on 3rd! Quite a shifting table this! always a few new top teams !

NEC dropped 3 spots after drawing against Feyenoord and can now be found on 4th whilst Mr.Justice and his Heerenveen also drops 3 spots to 5th.

At the bottom we find SCL and Heracles stay on their respective places in the table whilst AZ and PSV drops out from the "race" and out from the top 10!

-Team of the Turn-


Wasn't really anything to discuss ... if you score 7 goal and have 49 shots in total ... you fully deserve this! (quite a turnaround from the first turn where you lost against me!) ... but yeah. 7 goals, 6 different goalscorers, 69% Possession and 49 shots in total ...Not to mention that they climbed from 16th to 9th after this win AND they now have positive GD! ... Kudos Noisy!

-Player of the Turn-



Can't really discuss this either ... only other player that was close to win the award was the SCL GK Craig Gordon that saved an immense amount of shots


But after scoring 1 and assisting to 3 ... (in short he was the reason behind the 7-1 win!) He must be the one to win this award this turn.

Last game saw him go to 1 goal and 4 assist in 4 games ... wich is quite an impressive feat (even tho 4 of those points came in the same game) ... but Siem De Jong is the Player of the Turn! Well done Noisy and worst of luck for the future!

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

Right lads I have decided to join this GC and will do so in the next hour, but before I do does anyone have any team on offer? If not I'll join the championship. Or are there any half decent teams on offer that someone can get in touch with me over?


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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

Right lads I have decided to join this GC and will do so in the next hour' date=' but before I do does anyone have any team on offer? If not I'll join the championship. Or are there any half decent teams on offer that someone can get in touch with me over?


Well FC Utrecht are out on offer here in Holland but I'm trying to get CiaranMc in there


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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

Madrigal wants out at Real Zaragoza

Reports have been swirling over the past 48 hours that Real Zaragoza manager Jeremy Madrigal wants out immediately. Calls to the young Madrigal were not answered and with his comments lately this shouldn't come as a surprise. Where Madrigal ends up or whether he stays will certainly make an impact on this struggling squad.

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

I'm going to the uk next year ... fear me


I'm Irish not the UK



Drew 1-1 with Elohims PSV' date=' I deserved to win, statistics wise was even enough I had more possession Elo had one more shot and more on target, I had a player sent of in the 61st minute so PSV couldn't use that as there advantage says alot ;)[/font']

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