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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

I'm Irish not the UK



Drew 1-1 with Elohims PSV' date=' I deserved to win, statistics wise was even enough I had more possession Elo had one more shot and more on target, I had a player sent of in the 61st minute so PSV couldn't use that as there advantage says alot ;)[/font']

Good game mate! I shoudl've won it! I'm getting so royally fed up with not winning!!!

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0


Alright chaps here it is the fixtures for the group stages of the UEFA Forum Cup. Please note the HOME SIDE must send the friendly request to the away team, so that the selected home team plays at their home ground.

Group A

Round 1

Newcastle vs Malaga

Vitesse vs Suwon

Round 2

Newcastle vs Vitesse

Malaga vs Suwon

Round 3

Suwon vs Newcastle

Malaga vs Vitesse

Round 4

Newcastle vs Suwon

Vitesse vs Malaga

Round 5

Malaga vs Newcastle

Suwon vs Vitesse

Round 6

Vitesse vs Newcastle

Suwon vs Malaga

Group B

Round 1

Ajax vs Galatasaray

Southampton vs FC Utrecht

Round 2

Ajax vs Southampton

Galatasaray vs FC Utrecht

Round 3

FC Utrecht vs Ajax

Galatasaray vs Southampton

Round 4

Ajax vs FC Utrecht

Southampton vs Galatasaray

Round 5

Galatasaray vs Ajax

FC Utrecht vs Southampton

Round 6

Southampton vs Ajax

FC Utrecht vs Galatasaray

Group C

Round 1

Barcelona vs FC Twente

Reading vs SC Heerenvenn

Round 2

Barcelona vs Reading

FC Twente vs SC Heerenvenn

Round 3

SC Heerenvenn vs Barcelona

FC Twente vs Reading

Round 4

Barcelona vs SC Heerenvenn

Reading vs FC Twente

Round 5

FC Twente vs Barcelona

SC Heerenvenn vs Reading

Round 6

Reading vs Barcelona

SC Heerenvenn vs FC Twente

Group D

Round 1

Liverpool vs Sunderland

Feyenoord vs Derby County

Round 2

Liverpool vs Feyenoord

Sunderland vs Derby County

Round 3

Derby County vs Liverpool

Sunderland vs Feyenoord

Round 4

Liverpool vs Derby County

Feyenoord vs Sunderland

Round 5

Sunderland vs Liverpool

Derby County vs Feyenoord

Round 6

Feyenoord vs Liverpool

Derby County vs Sunderland

Fixture Dates

Round 1 - July 18

Round 2 - July 25

Round 3 - July 28

Round 4 - August 8

Round 5 - August 15

Round 6 - August 22

Catch up Round 1 - September 1

Catch up Round 2 - September 5

The dates for the knockout stages will be revealed after the group stages. The catch up rounds are there for any teams who may have missed games somehow. If some games are still not completed after the catch up rounds, all teams who still have games to play will loose 3 points and -3 goal difference per game not played. If there are any queries or concerns, ask your local lemon, he's willing to help.

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0


-Game 5/34-

The 5th turn is over and with it came a few decent results for some of the forum managed teams. Feyenoords change in tactics seem to be working like a bloody charm for them (lol not really). Twente, Groningen and NEC continue to impress as they all won their respective games!


7 forum managed teams won ... 2 drew and 1 game was played between unmanaged.

Feyenoord beat an unmanaged Roda with the semi-impressive result of 5-2.

Lex Immers was the first to score in the game when he bagged his first of the night in the very first minute. But I don't really think that scoring in the 1st is a WOW-goal per say. What really astonishes me about this goal is the fact that it was a bloody freekick :P ... yeah, you read it right ... a freekick in the very first minute wich lead to the 1-0 goal ... you lucky sod.

Schaken added to the tally making it 2-0 in the 13th minute before Roda scored to make it 2-1 in the 14th by Mitchell Donald. Luis Muriel scored his first for the club when he bagged a penalty in the 38th minute giving Feyenoord a 3-1 lead to go into halftime with. Immers then scored again before Roda scored to make it 4-2 and in the 83rd minute Lex Immers scores to get the hattrick on yet another freekick! What a night for Immers!

FC Groningen remains unbeaten with their 3-0 win over Ajax! and the win was their 3rd straight after starting the season out with 2 draws.

Andraz Kirm opened the goalscoring in the 31st minute before surprise of the season so far Género Zeefuik bagged a brace in the 2nd half. This despite the fact that Groningen had Kirm sent off in the 41st minute (and Ajax still couldn't equalize).

Even being a man down Groningen absolutely dominated the game and Ajax hadn't a chance of coming back. 15 shots on goal and 3 of em hitting the back of the net ain't a too shabby statistic! And Ajax (along with various other teams really need to find their mojo and get their game up) continues to perform badly.

Powerhouse Vitesse continues to impress as they follow up last turns victory over PSV with a 2-0 win over NAC Breda!

Youth starlet Van Ginkel scored one of 2 goals and we're quoted saying the following after the game: 'Yeah I'm well aware of all rumours surrounding me but I'm very happy at Vitesse and we've got a good thing going on and I won't be leaving. I'm staying put and I'm going to help guide Vitesse to the divisional win!' With a 54% in possession and a total of 11 goals on target, it's fair to say that Vitesse controlled this game from start to finish.

Onto the next game on the list. The highly interesting (beforehand atleast) game between FC Utrecht and PSV!

A pretty poor (ratingwise) Utrecht side against PSV's 2nd line and the tables were set for a snoozefest! Cyriac opened the goalscoring for Utrecht in the 8th minute with an absolutely stunning header! Utrecht's luck wouldn't last as Luciano Narsingh equalized for PSV in the 18th minute with an absolutely amazing freekick.

PSV were then given the oppurtunity when Kovarik were sent off for Utrecht in the 61st minute after giving Narsingh a nasty elbow (Been watching Suarez I reckon). But all in all a decent game if we look at the stats. 9 shots on goal from Utrecht and 13 from PSV shows that the chances were there ... just a bit hard to put em into the back of the net by the looks of it!

And then we go on to the game between division leaders FC Twente and a team that's part of what I personally refer to as 'The Tragic Trio' ... the trio of teams right smack at the bottom that are in deep deep trouble!

Twente's 4-2-3-1 formation proves successful once again as they pound Zwolle 2-0 with an 58% positive possession and goals from Douglas and Fer! Twente were absolutely clinical ... firing off 3 shots on goal, bagging 2 of the 3. Twente remains 1st ahead of Groningen and NEC on 11 points each.

We continue on with ashtini and his AZ! In the 3rd minute, AZ opens the scoring through defender Jeffrey Gouweleeuw! An overall pathetic game that ended in a 2-0 victory for AZ against a surprisingly managed Go Ahead Eagles (does anyone know who this guy is?),

AZ dominates the stats with 60% possession and 17 shots in total with 7 on goal.

Roy Beerens bagged his 2nd of the season when he scored the winner in the 87th minute!

And after this, we have Mr.Deakin and his NEC (who've been performing way OTT since prior of him taking over). I think it's safe to say that NEC is the surprise of the season so far being 3rd on 11 points (but with worse GD). I don't really think that anyone had em that high up before the season started (mainly due to the fact they were without a manager

:P) but indeed! Deakin guided his NEC to a rather comfortable 4-2 win over unmanaged Waalwiijk!

Goalscorers for NEC were the "veteran" Leroy George who with his 4 assist and 2 goals so far this season is their best player. Falkenburg got a goal ... as did the Icelandic talent Victor Pálsson!

NEC dominated the stats and, like stated before, took a comfortable win away.

And finally we have the last game of last turn. The very interesting clash between SCL and SC Heerenveen!

A game, that ended 2-1 to Heerenveen but perhaps should've ended in a SCL win ... or atleast a draw?

SCL put up one hell of a fight, put at the end of the day, it just weren't meant to be. 2 fast goals in the space of 3 minutes won Heerenveen the game after SCL took the lead in the 30th minute (just mere minutes after Heerenveen got a goal called off for offside!) ... but contrary to what the result shows, SCL dominated the game and should've come away with atleast 1 point!


And here's the table after 5 turns. not really much separating any of the teams really. a few bad results for some teams, and a few good results for others and the table'll change quite rapidly! But even so, we had a few changes from last weeks table. Groningen and NEC both moved up 1 spot, 2nd and 3rd respectively and Utrecht dropped to 4th! Twente remains top (will that change tonight?) Only 1 forum managed team in the bottom 5 ... and let's keep it forumless down there!

-Team of the Turn-


And surprise,surprise! SCL claims the award for the 2nd time this season! Why you may ask? well it's rather simple tbh. Despite the fact that they lost ... they dominated the possession against Heerenveen and overall were the better team ... that is one hell of an achievment for "the punching bags" and this is why I award SCL Team of the Turn ahead of Groningen!

-Player of the Turn-



The choice was between 2 players tonight! Leroy George of NEC and Lex Immers of Feyenoord!

Leroy George scored a brace and assisted to 2 other goals (in short making him the man behind NEC's 4-2 win,

But, Lex Immers scored a hattrick in Feyenoords 5-2 win over Roda. And this is why I name Lex Immers PLAYER OF THE TURN for Turn 5.!

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

Jeremy Madrigal earned a draw with Real Zaragoza against Getafe CF.The match ended 0 - 0 between Real Zaragoza and Getafe CF in their Division 1 fixture.[/Quote]

After another disappointing result, Madrigal once again was angered by his team's performance. ESPN FC was able to reach Madrigal after tonight's result via a phone call and here's what he had to say.

After tonight's result and the way the club has performed and no signs of any players coming in to the club I have decided to resign as manager at Real Zaragoza. I feel like there's no room for improvement and it was just a waste of my time to work there. I have accepted an offer with eredivisie's ADO Den Haag and will be flying out there tonight to meet with the squad.[/Quote]
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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

Jeremy Madrigal steered ADO Den Haag to victory against PEC Zwolle.ADO Den Haag beat PEC Zwolle 1 - 0 in their Division 1 fixture.

Chery scored the winner for ADO Den Haag and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.[/Quote]

So a 1st minute free kick gives me a win in my debut at ADO, up next in the league is PSV so not an easy game at all. But at least we're looking better than Zaragoza did.

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

Sorry for not doing a dutch review of the last turn. Been half ill these last days and just couldnt get myself to do it. My apologies.

No worries pal, I'll get it sorted.

Team of the turn: Feyenoord

Player of the turn: M.Bruno

Flop of the turn: Once more it was fluffys PSV.

This was actually quite fun, I might continue doing awards.


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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

tom deakin steered NEC to victory against SC Cambuur-Leeuwarden

NEC beat SC Cambuur-Leeuwarden 3 - 0 in their Division 1 fixture.

Koolwijk scored a brace and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

Boymans was also on the scoresheet for his side.

Unbeaten in 7, was a close game until the 87th minute, and then 2 goals in as many minutes sealed the 3 points. Up next in the Shield is Fluffy's PSV, and I am fully expecting him to start winning on Monday

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