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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

Having a really poor 2nd season with Feyenoord.. Sitting 7th in the league almost half way in, stood no chance in the SMFA Cup group stage and with 2 games remaining I'm already out.

To add to that, I got knocked out in the domestic shield cup Semi tonight vs Heerenveen on penalties..

Can't wait for the Dutch cup to start cuz that's my last chance on a title..

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

Think my days at Ajax are almost done :o

Yeah understandable mate and I think if you leave, then I'm probably out as well as I'm pretty sure we are the last ones in the dutch league.

Sad to see everyone left after only a season in the gc..

Just shows that a "forum gc" is not possible to make. This must've been the 4th or 5th try within a year that failed.

After the january window, or even more likely the summer window there will be new attempts, but I don't think I'll take part in another.

As the goal for me is to find a gc that's active on the forum it'll essentially only be a waste of time for me building up a tidy side when it'll inevitably die out within a couple of months.

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