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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

It was yesterday' date=' so probably it's been cleared already :)

Looks like a couple more transfers has been reported today.. This is extremly annoying..[/quote']

It is annoying, although it's not as bad as some of the recent GC's I've been in when literally every deal is reported! :o

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

Wolfsburg announce signing of 88 rated veteran Salcido from Mexico. The versatile defender and DM will be an important Squad player for our upcoming campaign. Hopefully one or two more signings and we're good to go.

Wolfsburg have also confirmed their desire to compete in (and win) the UEFA forum cup. Although the club won't be in pot 1, underestimate us at your peril...

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

Missed it. If I can help out chuck in a loan bid
Sorry pal missed it' date=' what ratings are you looking for ?[/quote']

ideally about 83 plus

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Re: Riferimento: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

So you're the good fellow I was chatting to on chat yesterday. I'm Liverpool BTW. Scroll down or check the 1st post all you need to know so far.

sorry haven't been on here since the weekend' date=' put me in for the Uefa Cup if theres still room and also up the prize to 6000 credits and i'll send the other 1000 over to you;)[/b']

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0


The latest update

I will do a video draw (did one in High Rollers League' date=' worked quite well), or if anyone else is really keen to do it they can do so, to determine which teams go into which groups. The groups will be drawn from pots (as suggested by KopStar I believe). The amount of pots/groups will be determined on how many people are interested once the deadline arrives. The 1st pot, will be for all teams whose 18 highest rated players average 89 or above. The rest of the pots ratings will be decided when the deadline arrives. In future seasons (if enough people stick around) the pots will be determined by points earned in their respective leagues. Now, the rest of it will work practically the same as the champions league (if you're somehow unfamiliar with that, I suggest see the SMFA Cup or just stop playing SoccerManager) with the top 2 in each group progressing to knockout ties of two legs, before finally we are left with the final. The winner will receive 5000 credits. Now here is the extra little twist/addition what ever you want to call it. All the teams that finish 3rd in their group, will qualify for a mini competition. This will be also knockout rounds of two legs, with the eventual winner playing the runner up of the UEFA FORUM CUP final, for a prize of 1000 credits.




Justin X


Dougie House




Scaredy cat from ballarat





Dan James




This sounds fantastic mate - great work :D

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Re: GC 333 | The Forum GC 2.0

Fantastic game tonight! Whilst only being a friendly, and whilst being against a much lesser team I'm still pleased with how the lads performed!

decided to put Lens in the team and he did not dissapoint with a brace!

Tyton impressed me a bit, and I might decide to keep him!

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