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New custom setups?


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Re: New custom setups?

Hi nruggles. I would just like to update you on the set up that Tony sent you. He has misinformed you somewhat as at present the best you can hope for is being put on the shortlist as it is full at present. I also envisage it being full for some while as it is an updated version of a very successful GW and the list of people I am aware of from speaking to would love to be in this set up is large.

Thought I would inform you rather than you being led false hope by Tony. However if you do express an interest in thread or even contact the GW creator direct via a PM or a VM then the person you need to speak to is likeaboas.

Also there are many GW's out there crying out for new managers. Two forumers who are renowned for there creations are:

Gorbash - Many great set ups and the King of the Custom GW

Venk.11 - Another forumer with great ideas and many set ups that people enjoy immensely.

Also another forumer worth a mention is:

Noisy - A relatively new forum moderator and a great bloke has a few set ups as well.

Finally I myself have a few GW's that have a few spaces, one being called The Basement. It has had it's ups and downs yet it is still over 80% full and many seem to be enjoying it due to its unique transfer format keeping it fresh. Has many great managers and forumers in it and the beauty of it is that no team is significantly stronger than the other due to the transfer format. If you want to drop me a PM I can send you the link later as I am currently on my break at work using my phone, or alternatively you can find the thread in the custom game world section under the name 'The Basement'

Anyway good luck mate and hope you find something that appeals to you.

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Re: New custom setups?

I can't PM for some reason! Any details mate? Or my name on SM is Nathan Ruggles dude

Regarding sending a PM you need to go into your user CP > settings and options > edit options and you should be able to enable the PM option from there I think. However without checking for certain I can't be 100% on this.

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Re: New custom setups?

Anybody thinking of setting up any new setups any time soon? Doesn't appear to have been any for a while? B)

Hi Nruggles' date='

I have a Barclays Premier League U21 World currently in season 3 short seasons...

I have two vacancys which need to be filled in Arsenal and Liverpool.

Both are in the bottom division but have ok teams.

If you are interested have a look at the gameworld, the ID is 162406

It also has some competitive forummers already in there.

Look forward to hearing from you :)[/color']

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Re: New custom setups?

Test yourself against the best managers in the game.




154652.....155279.....157102.....158107.....160331..... 65153..... 172306.....191252

175275..... 175302 ..... 175420 ..... START IN DIVISION 5 ..... LINKED PRIZE WORLDS


51057..... START IN DIVISION 4

64340..... START IN DIVISION 5

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